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On Wednesday around noon Mr. Clement the Poniest of the acid, posted on Facebook a comment complaining about DJs, that are “fake”, because of … well, you will read that below. The point is that that comment resulted on a rain of comments, likes, and sayings by other DJs, musicians, venue managers, producers, promoters, and fans, that I find very interesting. I have listened to similar conversations by different musicians, and DJs, of course with different details, but basically there’s this complain that occurs when one looses for the “wrong reasons”. Now, it is important to consider what is the real lost, and who is the one making that final decision to actually be accurate on the judgement of the situation, but because this is a subject that repeats often, and to talk about the general situation, I think we can forget for a minute those two factors. Anyway, I leave to you the further analysis. To me the reason to share it with you is that this conversation that happened on Facebook reflects very well hundreds or very possibly thousands of live conversations similar to this one happening in the music biz. This is, pretty much, a good piece of part of the “back stage gossip”, to call it some way.

The comments are not edited, natural they look better in this situation. Here we go.

Clément Pony
Hey Fake DJ! you are in a business school, at the universty or have a day job and you installed traktor 2 months ago on your laptop or burned 3 CDs… stop breaking prices and take the job of a lot of people who have commited their life to music, spent thousands of $ in vinyls, musical instruments or studio gear. I got cheap sound system to rent, i make you a special price and you can have fun with your friends. at least you put some money in the business has you’re not even buying your music, you just dl it on the same blogs than everybody…..

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Miles Slater Very well said!

Steve Banshee Been happening in shanghai since i got there mate

Richard Murphy If the club/owner is clueless enough to have them playing what to do.

Jay Thornhill Totally agree. I wouldn’t say DJing is dead, but it’s certainly diminished.

Tian Dai club owners here can’t care less about music, but the sales of alcohol.

Max Bureau peace&love just come to HAZE

Clément Pony i forgot to say: countless hours of working or practicing on the bedroom or studio…

Clément Pony ‎Max Bureau: cant wait for the 31st March! Acid Pony Club at HAZE!

Morgan Short Do you know where one might be able to get this “Traktor” you speak of? Will it make my mp3s go one right into the other? Sick of burning CDs…

Cameron Wilson destroy capitalism

Morgan Short Cam, how about you destroy some capitalism and get me a ripped version of this traktor shit. Sounds awesome.

Clément Pony ‎Morgan Short:

Traktor.DJ.Studio.v2.6.1.022-H2O Free Torrent Download

Clément Pony i’ve just lost gigs sharing this link…. : )

Morgan Short You got any links to any pre-made “deep house” or “tech house” mixes? Preferably like 5 different ones that last about 2 hours each. Traktor friendly files, plz.

Morgan Short and like 2 “dubstep” ones.

Clément Pony yo mean ‘slutstep’?

Cameron Wilson why not just download a DJ set and pretend to move knobs like Peter Hook

Morgan Short Yeah exactly. A “DJ set” that’s what I need. Where do i get one of those? Link? Need one that starts off real down-tempo and smooth and then gets “banging” at like 1am. Traktor friendly files, plz.

Tribalik Ibiza ‎100% support.! NO MORE SHIT DJ PLEASE !

Max Bureau ‎Clément Pony we’re very happy to have u guys

Max Bureau in the Kpital.

Clément Pony this is so funny!!

Clément Pony One of the best things about DJing is when you play a really kickass song and people come up to you dancing, going “I love this song!” You get all proud and pretend you wrote it. You’re like, “Thanks!” Yeah, I downloaded “Youth Gone Wild,” I rule. It’s like being told your air-guitar skills are fucking SICK.

Richard Murphy LOL “”Now? Now? Do I drop it?” And finally you’re like, “It’s time, I’m gonna hit it.” And boom! It’s a fuckin’ nuclear-bomb explosion. A roomful of people you would barely be able to look at in the daytime are freaking out like they just won the lottery, all because you pressed a button. That’s why you do this shit. That, and the fact that you are a total fucking spaz.”

Mache Vera Dupuis I want to publish this conversation on Layabozi… are u ok with that?

Mache Vera Dupuis uhm… could someone say yes please?

Clément Pony haha, yes, but do i need more people knowing that i am french douchebag complaining about everything?

Mache Vera Dupuis hahaha… do you want me to change your name? … I like it because this is music politics… It’s like conversations I’ve had with jazz musicians complaining similarly about DJs. I think is interesting.

Michael Michael any DJ (real or fake) or live musician (jazz or rock or whatever) who thinks they get paid for their music is delusional. You all get paid to sell drinks. It’s been like that for ages, around most of the world.
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Clément Pony i know that since a long time,… i am just an employee of Diageo and Pernod Ricard

Clément Pony ‎Mache Vera Dupuis: i actually think i would agree with what jazzmen say… i am actually a fake dj myself, as i was originally playing electronic livesets only (drumboxes, synths , samplers…) more than decade ago in rave parties but i started djing in shanghai to make cash and fund my toys… : )

Clément Pony keep my name, everybody knows i am a douchebag already anyway…

Mache Vera Dupuis ‎Michael Michael . yes. pragmatism for the egos. One thing though, maybe we drink more, and more important, we are happier when music is nice.

Mache Vera Dupuis ‎Clément Pony there’s hope, nothing last forever ; )

After publishing this article, I’ll add the link to the thread, probably that will finally end it, or it might just start it again. In any case, it was a memorable one.

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