Musical Road Map: Entry Three


I should probably recuse myself from this case, but I want to get some word out on the LITTLES PAIA front. In Hipster Runoff lingo this is my bro from way back, but I will not pull any punches in terms of critique. This could become the first in a line of homegrown reviews. The  “Dew on the Needles” album should be bought on iTunes, as this reviewer did (no joke). One doesn’t see many one man bands in circulation, much less alive and recording an album with songs dedicated to obscure heroes, such as Conlon Nancarrow, everyday.

I have thoughtfully provided three tracks from the album via this link:

If you do yourself a favor, you will also visit YouTube for some Blue Oyster Cult video reclamation ridiculousness. Let me help you out there:

Get it, listen, then buy the rest of the album.

Also, if i am at least half as relevant as an Iranian democracy demonstrator, follow me on Twitter:

Look for a more in-depth reflection on this album when the dust clears. I will also be breaking some more hearts in the days to come.

PS: I will also soon post a version of the video that Chinese surfers can view. I forgot for a moment about the ban. Sorry.


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