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Nosaj Thing - Photos from his Facebook Page

He says his influences go from old classic such as Chopin, to new classics like Boards of Canada, and his sounds have been compared with those of Flying Lotus, Burial, Battles, and Ratatat. Jason Chung, aka Nosaj Thing is emerging from darkness, straight into the spotlights with laptops, beating gadgets, and good vibes to forge his musical path. After years of DJing in LA, Nosaj Thing got highlighted last year because of his impressive remixes. Noticed by producers and other musicians he has been directed to brighter spaces, for his music to be properly rejoiced in.

Last June 9th Nosaj Thing released his first LP “Drift” by Alpha Pup Records. The album has been warmly welcome by the world electronic community. Nosaj Thing is getting more coverage every day. Now 23 years old, he began his sonic trip at the tender age of 13. He experimented with sounds coming from  hip hop, drum ‘n bass, classic, indie rock, and electronica. “Drift” is a good recounting of his introduction to music, with atmospheres in chilled landscapes and peaceful tones. As he said to Flavorwire, “Certain songs that I write, for me, I think of as therapeutic. I start off by doing some basic sound design and try to sculpt a sound to fit the mood I’m in. Then I add a chord progression or melody; I rarely start with drums.”

Nosaj Thing will be playing Shanghai, sponsored by Free the Wax, this Friday at YuYinTang. On Saturday  he will do a workshop on production work and beat making at The Factory.

For now, just get these two tracks from his 2006 EP, “Octopus”. Enjoy the beats.

Flying Lotus – Nosaj Thing Remix “Camel”

Radiohead – Nosaj Thing Remix “Reckoner”

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