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On the subject of podcasts, we thought we would celebrate our first release by hipping you to some of the music podcasts that we like best. In no particular order:

American Public Media’s Sound Opinions

These music critics from Chicago’s biggest newspapers, Greg Kott and Jim DeRogatis, serve up their passionate rants about music, interview artists, and dissect new or classic albums. It’s a good way to learn about music new and old and also fun to mutter disagreements with them while riding your bike, on the subway, or in taxis.

Afropop Worldwide

If you are into the African Diaspora and want to hear more, this is the place. They usually have short episodes focusing on one area of the world. The host, Georges Collinet, sounds like he is broadcasting in a parody of a French accent, but he is not, I assure you.

National Public Radio’s All Songs Considered

Although Bob Boilen has taken some heat over accusations that he caters to indie rockers and white people over others (maybe it’s not all songs considered), he and his staff take an in-depth look into a lot of music. Don’t know what else to tell you.

The Fader

One of the coolest music mags there is, period, the end. This is a cool podcast because you can get .pdf copies of the magazine itself for free along with the show. One downside is that there is no commentary inside the podcast, so it’s hard to know who the artists are while you’re listening. Still worth a perusal, though.


These are the guys who sent Shanghai Samiyam and Gaslamp Killer, plus the aborted Flying Lotus show. The show offers mixes from different members of the Brainfeeder family. It’s some of the artiest hip hop around.

Public Radio International’s Studio 360

This show is not completely about music, but there is a lot and other stuff related to creativity and whatnot. This is one of the geekier ones on the list, but it has a lot of good stuff.

Stone’s Throw

Another cool hip hop label, home to the likes of Madlib, Peanutbutter Wolf, Quasimoto, and many more. This one again offers long-form mixtapes to rock on long trips.

The Kungfuology Podcast

Finally, we can’t forget about our hometown boys, who keep their eyes and ears (mostly) open to what’s going on right here in Shanghai, musically-speaking. This is a great one to find out about gigs going on and Chinese bands. That is the focus. Nothing more, nothing less.

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