Pause:Music, a Record Label for Shanghai

Pause:Music is a brand new record label aimed exclusively at Shanghai’s musicians; it is the brainchild of Gareth Williams (The Shelter), Michael Michael (Antidote) and B6 (Antidote and NeoCha).

Pause:Music’s first project is a free monthly mix cd by different local DJs. The first offering is from Ben Huang, and mixes by ChaCha, Didje, MHP, N1D and a few others are already lined up for later in 2009.

The record label main mission is to become other great gear of Shanghai music machinery, as part of the big movement to produce better channels to promote our local scene in Shanghai and out to the globe. These guys are already doing a lot in the local scene, The Shelter, Antidote and NeoCha are doing a great deal of work to impulse the quality of the local production. We won’t be at all mistaken saying these guys are actually collaborating with the history of Shanghai music, and Shanghai is a musical city by nature; you can hear it from the sound coming out of the streets or in the amazing Chinese New Year explosions that are the craziest Drum ‘n Bass gig you will ever catch. Shanghai is hungry for music, but a lot remains to be done. Therefore, people like these guys that have the clarity of mind to know when, where and how to do it are a very big deal.

Pause:Music is open to any musical style, as Gaz explained to Layabozi. They are going for what they know and do best until now, to begin: electronic music. And talking about electronic music, which is very popular in Shanghai, but many times neglected. The risky business of playing it in Shanghai clubs is that implies dancing with the evils that hypnotize some club owners and managers, that don’t give a damn about music assuming everybody is as deaf as them. To me, these are the people that have help to stupefy the world, and they make me very angry, because they certainly don’t contribute with happiness. … I had to take a breath after finishing that sentence. Sorry, but they really make me angry. But no matter how angry they make me, these guys at Pause:Music make me much more happy, because they take care of music.

We already know the quality work done by Michael with Antidote, we know how cool NeoCha is, how good B6’s music is and we know how great a creation The Shelter was. We, of course, know these are not lacking mistakes, but imperfections do not make things bad: these are good projects aiding in the development of our city, and on their way they are making great advances in music and above all, making us happier, giving us spaces to have fun, to hear great music, to hang with our friends and to produce more ideas and more music.

Now, Layabozi, as many other in the city (excluding all of those with deaf hearts for music) has a special deviation for all the sound situation around. We, those who hear, know the sound management is a problem we need to fix, PRONTO! So we asked to Gaz about the sound machine behind Pause:Music, his answer remind us B6 is one excellent producer, how could have we forgotten that?, Gaz is right. Also they have a couple of good studios in Shanghai that they are counting with. Problem solved.

The first Pause:Music mix cd by Ben Huang is already on the streets. And just in case you forgot already: these are free cds, so of course the stock is moving fast! Ben Huang, in Gaz words, “is one of the original and most talented DJs in China, it’s an honor for us to have him do our first mixtape”. We agree with Gaz on this one, too. Ben Huang is a great DJ, he has style, he has beat, he is actually one of the prides of Shanghai’s turntables.

Pause:Music is sponsored by some very visionary companies Shanghai Tattoo, The Shelter, Hello Pizza, and City Weekend, thanks to whom the cds are free. So go get a tattoo, go show it off at Shelter, and after the party head for a Pizza- and don’t forget to take a City Weekend home with you for your morning reading.

Get ready for tonight ducks, call your pals, have a good rest to take away the weariness of the week’s work, make yourself prettier, and get your tale down to The Shelter tonight. As early as you can, if you haven’t got your copy of Ben Huang’s mix yet. Pause:Music’s official launch will include, of course, B6 and Ozone. Plus Deville with MC Didje + MC ChaCha, lan Shanyinde b2b Sal, Shanghai Ultra (live) and Drunk Monk. See you there. Tonight at The Shelter we celebrate music in Shanghai.

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