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Hello everybody. There were a couple micro show reviews and bits of news that I meant to get out earlier, but I’ve been super busy. First of all, Noukilla (“We are here” in Mauritian Creole) rocked JZ last Wednesday. They are a somewhat loose band of Shanghai-based Mauritians, which this time featured two drummers, two bassists, keyboard, and singing/djembe. I only caught the last few songs but it was totally awesome, and as I’ve said before, the Mauritius guys are so killing, and as great as it is to hear them playing with any band, it’s especially awesome to hear them playing songs they wrote and Mauritian tunes that many of the rest of us haven’t heard before. JZ, please let this happen more often!

Also at JZ last week, Han Bennink sat in with Alec Haavik and the Friction Seven. He killed it, playing one snare drum in the middle of the stage during an epic jam towards the end of the first set. He was extremely swinging and open, and a lot of fun hamming it up, putting his foot on the drum, wearing a sweet red ninja headband over his carefully combed white hair. That dude has it all, groove, fun, openness. He’s played with tons of American straightahead cats and tons of European free cats, and I’m definitely going to look into his back catalog more closely, as should you. He also did what I think was a solo show at the Dutch Cultural Center on Friday and Saturday, though I haven’t heard any reports on it yet. Hopefully he’ll be back again sometime.

The news is that the Greg Lutrell Band have finished out their stint at the House of Blues and Jazz and the Cangelosi Cards have started. They are an awesome traditional/dixieland band that are groovy and danceable despite having no drummer. Singer Tamar Korn is especially remarkable, with her killing scat singing and the timbre of her voice, which resembles really old records but better. As an added bonus I’m playing with them for this week only. Check us out tonight or any night this weekend. Next week Rob Adkins replaces me on bass. He’s pretty great.

Mondays this month at House of Blues and Jazz feature Jasmine Chen, me, and Mark Bai. That will also be totally sweet. She’s got a great voice and sensibility and writes her own Chinese lyrics to many songs. Mark and I are ridiculously, ridiculously killing, as you know.

So the pick for tonight is go House of Blues and Jazz, and then keep going forever. Tomorrow I’ll bring you some other picks for the weekend in case you have an allergy to that club or something.

House of Blues and Jazz, 60 Fuzhou Lu near Sichuan Lu and the Bund


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