Recent Developments at Layabozi

In the spirit of the (now not so new) New Year and new beginnings, there have been some recent and exciting developments here at Layabozi Towers we’d like to share with you.

First up, the team has grown, with the addition of Ed and Peter, who should help to no end in keeping content moving along nicely. Peter was bowled over by the website’s pinkness (in a positive or negative way, we’re not sure), and decided to stick around to make it even more awesome. Thank the collected gods for that, as it means nobody is going to ask me to write html code anytime soon… I (Ed) am basically a glorified chai-wallah who will be helping Mache out with some behind-the-scenes stuff. On top of that, a bunch of writers have expressed an interest in providing us with material, including an individual so shit-hot and under-cover that we will have to hide his true identity. Articles (such as this one) from new talent have already begun to appear; and of course do not forget that Layabozi is always keen to hear from anybody who wants to write about music. Just hop along here and fill out the form!

All of this is impacting the site in great ways. We already have a handful of new features and sections. Check out the ‘News’ and ‘Editor’s Picks’ sections, and the ‘Media’ section in which you can stream and download a variety of tracks and videos from musicians in Shanghai and beyond. On top of this we continue to increase reportage, and to provide more comprehensive listings of music events around town. If we’ve missed your event and you think we should know about it; drop us a line at

We are finally in a position to take practical steps towards producing our very own, much-discussed, series of podcasts. ‘Episode 1: Jazz!’ will appear in the next week. Also in the pipeline is a brand-spanking new website design, courtesy of the talented Peter. We’ve just seen a mockup of the homepage, and it looks totally hot. We are aiming to get the real thing coded and online in the next few months.

All in all, there’s plenty of new and exciting stuff going on here- so stay tuned to!

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