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For this week, we have chosen an elder Chinese punk band that once entered the stage of Scream Bar in 1998 and performed their songs  “No Sexy” and “Asshole, I’m Not Your Baby” to the shock of Beijing’s punk community. Being the first female punk band of China, Hang On The Box have a long story to tell. They were signed by a Japanese record label, then by Scream Records. They performed in China, in Japan and have been an influence to many young rock girls, such as Meng Meng of Lady Flame, who stated once to me that she knew all HOTB songs by heart.

Hang On The Box’s story is a story not just of the band but of their members as well. As such, Abe G of Tookoo had been their guitarist and on the drums: Shenggy of now famous White. Gia announced their music not only to be punk but also Riot Grrrl music and she later formed (after the initial breakup at the end of the 2000s) her own band Girl Kill Girl, as well as The Brilliant Gia. Also Yang Fan joined another band: Ourself Beside Me, which released a Maybe Mars record at the beginning of 2009.

In 2010 the band reformed with a new lineup and is still performing occasionally, with their last gig (as per Douban) in July 2011. HOTB is one of the better known Chinese rock bands overseas, as can be seen from their impressive statistics indicating over eight thousand listeners and eighty six thousand scrobels, even though most of their CDs were released before the rise of By the way, if you compare their stats to Carsick Cars, you will notice that even though CSC has one hundred forty thousand scrobels, they have only seven thousand six hundred listeners. Tough call.

Enough of words, time for music

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By the way, check out their Douban page for more free downloads.

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