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After last week’s introduction to riot grrrrl band Hang On The Box, this week we feature one of the elder generation punk bands of China: NONAME or as they are sometimes referred to The No Name (more below).

Formed in the city of Xi’an, Shaanxi province in December 2001, No Name is one of the big names amongst the Chinese punk Old Skull bands. NONAME’s line up has changed numerous times over its existence, with singer/songwriter Yao Rui being the nucleus of western China’s oldest punk band.

Like many of China’s old school punks, Yao Rui was a heavy metal fan whose life was changed when he discovered a “da kou” (discarded, chopped up factory reject cassettes and CDs from the west) copy of the Sex Pistols’ legendary Nevermind The Bullocks album from a street vendor in his hometown of Xi’an. As with his peers in Beijing and Wuhan, such musical discoveries opened up doors of musical awareness that their heavy metal roots were not. Invigorated and inspired, Rui started writing songs and performing with his friends. His first project was entitled Evil Heart, and that eventually morphed itself into a punk rock unit that really didn’t have a name, so they simply billed themselves as, No Name Band. At the time did not occur to them that there were several other bands outside of China with similar attitudes, so the anglicized run-on of NONAME (versus NO NAME) was born.

Rui started his punk music experiments playing guitar but he put the instrument down and picked up the microphone in his signature, left-handed style, belting out his ideas through an old school, British punk inspired veneer
NONAME released several records in China and also signed up to Razorblade Music in Europe releasing their 2007 album Sick and Tired overseas.

The following video [on Youtube]  is taken from that album


On the beginning of 2011 they released their second album with Razorblade called That Is What We Believe, in their words, “combining  melodic 77 styled punk rock and nasty streetpunk of the 80’s”. The song “Real Punk Noise” is taken from this album.


Vocalist Ray however is not only signing for the punk band NONAME, but also running the successful tour organizing institution called Kids-Union Records that helped Sham 69, The Vibrators, and The Casualties to perform in the Middle Kingdom. As expressed by soon to come Norwegian punk rock band Riots:

“We did contact other agencies in China, but Ray really seemed to know what he was doing, and the feedback from Sham 69 we got, was like… “Ray is a top man, you gotta go, lifetimes experience”, so we just had to go with Ray”. As such, if you are a band looking forward to touring in China, contact Ray.

Find further information about NONAME on Rock In China.

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