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Suffocated — ” One’s Glory”

Having been recently to Macau’s Live Music Association Livehouse, I noticed a poster of Suffocated announcing their fifteen anniversary and their 2012 China tour. Damn, it has been a long long time since I have seen these neckbreakers performing live on stage. Being a Beijing heavy-weight metal legend, Suffocated has started to rock the stage back in 1997 and was included in the very first edition of the Resurrection of the Gods metal compilation, released by Mort Productions.

Their first record Dead Wing Rising was released in 2006 and was followed afterwards by the 2010 record World Of Confusion. Suffocated’s thrash metal guitars, and Liu Zheng’s bass playing and voice have always been charismatic trademarks immediatelly recognizable. Having performed on most Midi Music festivals their concerts are characterized by enthusiastic fans, that are ready to mosh and headbang. A glimpse of that can be seen on the Beijing Midi Festival 2004 DVD and also on a takeout from the Midi 2007 festival:

Suffocated is loved by the metal fans in Beijing and in China, responding to that with statements of their very own, as noted by Beijing Daze in a review to the Midi festival 2011:

Suffocated delivered the most inspiring and intense performance of the night in my book. Believe it or not, it was my first time seeing them in a festival and boy were they good. They had the crowd moshing amidst clouds of dust and wind like you wouldn’t believe and delivered a good forty minutes of intense performance that didn’t weaken at all. Liu Zheng, lead man and bass player, delivered some really intense speeches that had the crowd roaring in approval: “People that come to MIDI dance, people that go to strawberry pose” (which I agree with). He also described the spirit of the day in a nutshell by explaining that their “songs were not on the radio, TV or mainstream but their music came from the heart and brought people of similar root together“. If you can’t tell, I loved their set.”

Another festival in Beijing that Suffocated is very related to is the 33o Metal Festival, which happens every year on March 30th and is a birthday festival for Zheng Kouyu, lead guitarist of Suffocated and Spring Autumn, the metal band of Kaiser Kuo. At that day, Suffocated invite a number of upcoming and hot metal acts from Beijing and surrounding to perform in a venue of choice as support acts before Suffocated headlines and delivers to the crowd what they expect: hot thrashy metal!

Being fifteen years on the road making noisy music, Suffocated have further engaged in a number of non-traditionally-metal activities, including supporting environmental movements and performing as support band (together with Miserable Faith) at a theatre performance in the Capital Theatre from November to December 2007.

Listen to their song “Loneliness” from World Of Confusion:

And come to one of their shows during their 2012 China Tour:

April 2nd,  北京 Beijing

April 4th, 上海  Shanghai

April 6th,  深圳 Shenzhen

April 7th,  澳门 Macau

April 8th, 广州 Guangzhou

April 13th,  长沙 Changsha

April 14th ,  武汉 Wuhan

April 15th, 南昌Nanchang

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