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Dalian post rock band Wang Wen has been around since 1999 and they have constantly produced quality music that from time to time had been made available for free downloading by the band itself. The song presented here “Break the cars” comes from their 2007 record 7 Objects in Another Infinite Space and was made available by the band on



Their first CD Diary of 28 Sleepless Days was released as one of the few CDs that So Rock! Records (of the same named music magazine) ever released, back in 2003. Three years later they signed with Scream Records and released their record called RE:RE:RE:. Meanwhile they also founded the venue Rock Action Club in Dalian.

Influenced by traditional post rock bands Mono, Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai, Wang Wen is one of the very first post rock bands that ever came up in China.

It’s enough of words for a band that has no lyrics and no vocals. Enjoy the music.




2010.6.4 《L&R》巡演-西安-光圈club (上)特别鸣谢:李伟





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