The Dark Side Of The Moon 40th Anniversary

Last Sunday was the celebration for the forty years anniversary of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon. The Floyd played a game to celebrate it, people had to hash-tag on Twitter DarkSide40 and the messages were darkening the moon. The official celebration is over, but people is still commenting and darkening Pink Floyd’s moon.

The Dark Side Of The Moon is one of the most beautiful works of art created in history, and when I say beautiful I don’t mean “magazine cover” or “MV” beautiful, I mean artistic beauty, sensitive intelligent harmony from the technique to the meaning expressed with the creation. Art, in summary.

[“Money” demo with acoustic guitar, sung by Roger Waters.]


There is a lot to say about The Dark Side Of The Moon, there are so many stories told about it, starting by the private own story lived by the members of Pink Floyd at the time this album started to be produced until it was released, and even until it left the popularity charts on 1988.

To begin we can remember the overwhelming life of Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd, and how influenced the minds and souls of the other members of the band, thus Roger Waters exploring the world of mental illnesses in every album after Barrett left the band, and The Dark Side Of The Moon along with Wish You Were Here are the two that say the most about this.

There is also the legendary production of this album that was originated from experiments while the band played live and rehearsed. Its recording that was at the historic Abbey Road Studios in two sessions, one in 1972, and another in 1973.

The mad sound engineering behind the production of this album, a lot thanks to the innovative creativity and vision of Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Alan Parsons who engineered the album. His previous work with Floyd was as assistant tape operator during the recording of Atom Heart Mother, and we know who he became later in history.

The Dark Side Of The Moon has no weak song, furthermore one could say some of those songs were premonitions, or even a kind of miracle for the time they were born, there you have “On The Run” performed on an EMS synthesizer and developed with several sound ruses and gadgets to create every detail of it, including the unforgettable trade mark of that dark laugh that goes with the Doppler effect  finishing the idea of frightening transitions, and then “Time.” Simply magical.

I’ll add here for the fans the stoners’ legend of the synchronicity of The Dark Side Of The Moon with The Wizard Of Oz. By now we all know that the members of Pink Floyd were not thinking about the Wizard when they were in the Moon’s Dark Side,  they cleared up the question themselves in several interviews during the last decade. But this game is certainly part of the album’s legend, and it is a great stoners’ game that has transcend cultures and generations. Many moms could tell you more about it.

The Dark Side Of The Moon was fifteen years, 741 weeks on Billboard’s chart of top albums. It has been remastered two times. And it’s without doubt one of the most beautiful art creations in human kind’s history.

There’s so much more to say about Pink Floyd and The Dark Side Of The Moon, so many details for the fans and the students to learn, probably the story will always have a next chapter, but I think that what should always be remembered about this album is that it was created by bold fearless crazy smart dreamers. And that at the end the Lunatic transcended time, always reminding us all that is now, and all that is gone.

The Lunatic became a hero.

Now, spend good quality time with Pink Floyd and their amazing Dark Side Of The Moon.


The making of The Dark Side Of The Moon [Youtube video]


The full concert of The Dark Side Of The Moon Live in London in 1974. [Youtube video]


And for the fans and stoners, friends, “The Dark Side Of The Rainbow” [Youtube video]

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