The Shanghai Jazz Festival is Basically Here

Tonight is the big opening, so get ready. We’ve got the line-up in our live dates page now, so you can check out who’s playing when. It’s been organized by the people at JZ club, and will feature many of their bands, as well as other local acts, and national and international stars. Like many other jazz festivals around the world, it is not sticking strictly to jazz. Of the three headliners, only the JZ Big Band with Laura Fygi is a jazz band in the usual sense. The other two, Gilles Peterson and Incognito, are jazz-related, but definitely inclined towards the dance world. Me, I like straight ahead jazz and would love to have more of it, but this kind of genre-crossing brings bigger crowds and is appropriate as far as what Shanghai music is about. There is also a folk singer, a couple funk bands, the great blues singer Sugar Mama, and more besides. It is being held at Jingan park, and starts at 7pm tonight, and continues from 2pm Saturday and Sunday. The estimable Morgan over at Smartshanghai also has a nice interview with Coco Zhao, in anticipation of his performance at the festival with his band, The Possicobilities, on Sunday.

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