The Shelter is 7 Years Old And We Are Celebrating All That Bass

December 5th, and 6th The Shelter will be burning in greatness for all the best bass sounds we have ever listened to and all the great times that we have lived there. The main dish of the celebration will be delivered by Dopplereffekt, and of course we all know it will be a great night.

Seven years of The Shelter, having four gigs per week is about 1456 gigs, so when I asked to some few lovers of The Shelter to tell me their seven top best gigs of all these years I got a lot of complains because there are too many to remember them all, also they mentioned the difficulty of remembering because of all the fun, people was actually loosing bytes of memories instead of saving them, and because it’s just crazy to think of only seven best when there have been so many great nights we have lived there. But for the sake of this article I pushed them with no compassion, I squeezed their brains and I got answers, and seven great moments in images too by Andrew Rochfort, who is the photographer of the house.

Just one more thing before jumping into this list, many times after the main guests have played their gigs at The Shelter, I have talked with them, and many many times of those they have told me they think The Shelter is one of the best clubs in the world. I have not been all over the world, not even close to that,  but I know The Shelter is one of the best clubs in the world, with no doubt. If you love electronic music, then you will always love The Shelter.

Happy 7 to the best underground shady dirty dark smelly fun and vibrating place of the planet!!!  Here we go.



The favorite 7 of Cha Cha, the first lady of The Shelter, the voice of AM444, and the MC of so many gigs there.

Lit city , Mikky Blanko, LYJ Bukem, Kode9, Adrien Sherwood, Addison Groove, and Yosi Horikawa.






Clement Pony, one half of Acid Pony, and Huashan Records, and spontaneous fan of the late dark nights at The Shelter.

Shackleton, Peanut Butter Wolf, Kode9, TM404, Nomadico (the first night I guess because it was new ), Juan Atkins, The Bug





Laura Ingalls, late half of Acid Pony, head of Huashan Records, and the beast behind Let’s Get Naked And Listen To A Bunch Of Drones

Last week, Mumdance live at Push/Pull, and then every single edition of Let’s Get Naked And Listen To A Bunch Of Drones was some next level thing that blew everybody’s mind… All 6 people who attended.




American Booze, the man behind Double Happiness and Discosmic Adventure, also faithful fan and dancer of all the groovy beats played at The Shelter.

DJ Bone (at VOID), Void 6th Birthday, Azari & III, Josh Cheon / Dark Entries Records (at Stockholm Syndrome), and last three I didn’t go to but I heard they were incredible: Penut Butterwolf, Ceephax Acid Crew, and Ancient Methods






Shanghai Ultra, the man of Void, and techno in the underground.

Oscar Mulero 2008 VOID proper dark mind fuck techno. Ceephax Acid Crew, best live electronic show I’ve ever seen, it made everyone smile. Ancient ,pure dark techno war funk. Robert Hood in 2008, awesome stuf from a Detroit legend. DJ Bone, pick any time he’s came, absolutely one of the most talented DJs to come to Shanghai. 2562 with Subculture, it was a Thursday night I think, but absolutely forward thinking music and stimulated the mind and feet. Polar Inertia September this year, a total trip into hypnotic, deep and trippy live techno


Blaise Deville, part of SubCulture, Uprooted Sunshine, and ROM, and classic DJ for the late hours of The Shelter.

DJ Premier, Kode9, Mighty Crown, Kentaro, Jahtari, Clive Chin, Traxx




Drunk Monk, one half of The Shelter, the mind behind SubCulture, part of Uprooted Sunshine. Also the toughest of them all to squeeze seven gigs only of him, because of not hurting anybody’s feelings, and because he knows better than all of us how many great gigs have been played at The Shelter.

The Bug & Daddy Freddy, Mykki Blanco, Shackleton, Kode9’s Burial set, Cephax Acid Crew, Clive Chin, and the first Halloween party.

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