The Smith Street Band China Tour

Melbourne haunts me.

The Smith Street Band are from Melbourne, Australia. They are getting much positive reviews with the release of their second album Sunshine & Technology, just released on August 24th, this year.

This Town Touring is bringing them to China now to tour around some cities and spread their punk folk wisdom with a Melbourne accent. Their concerts have a very positive reputation, so this is moment where expectations are allowed and welcome (I like to contradict some common-easy-new-age-wisdom sentences  I hear around some times too often).  Anyway, these dudes, no, sorry, these lads, sound pretty fun, and like they could inject a big load of energy to the audience in their shows. So, specially if you are in need of a recharge, do not miss this one.


Sept. 27th – Handan at Octopus Club

Sept. 28th – Zhengshou

Sept. 29th – Xi’an at Aperture Club

Sept. 30th – Wuhan at VOX Bar

Oct. 1st – Shanghai at Live Bar

Oct. 3rd – Beijing at Temple

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