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While Spring is playing hard to get, and the Pacific ring of fire is disturbing peace, music is pouring out of the speakers. These are some of the stories going on.

Break For Borneo released their first album Life Gets in the Way last Saturday at YuyinTang with an outstanding performance featuring guests musicians including Adam Gaensler who did a great exhibition of hot riffs, Adam is also the producer of this album. Rumour has it that this was probably the last show and the last album of the band, and given the awesome concert they gave last Saturday and that Break for Borneo is producing music that is not easy to get around China, it would be a big lost for music if they split. We all know their other band is taking a lot of energy from Adam and Zack, but as a friend mentioned to me when they finished playing, it would be a shame if Break for Borneo has the same destiny of The Dovetail Joints, that as soon as they finished their first album they disappeared (and in the case of The Dovetail Joints, their album was never even released). I talked with the band after they played, and they said that is not yet clear what will happen, then I say this is a good moment to be loud and tell them we want them making more music and playing more shows. Get the album on bandcamp.

SIG released his first album Sad Mirror on a great party done last Friday at The Shelter. SIG played a great set that had everybody upside down dancing and smiling about his performance. To get the album go to The Shelter, or contact SIG through his soundcloud page.

Sonnet released a ten tracks album entitled 14. The album was available the night of the launch last Monday at YuyinTang. I didn’t make it to the concert, but the word on the street is that their performance wasn’t unforgettable. Some of the tracks of 14 are on their douban page. There’s no place where to get the album yet, we need Sacco‘s record store to open right away.

The Word a new hip-hop jazz band leaded by Gauthier, also leader of the Lions of Puxi, and including also Layabozi’s big duck Mike Brownell on bass, released last Thursday their first EP during a gig at JZ. I was not there (I was at other two places, I can’t do three yet), but I’ll tell you soon about their album.

Last Friday the duo French Horn Rebellion played in Shanghai, I didn’t plan to go at first but many people gave me many reasons to end up going, so I went. The opening band was Duck Fight Goose, which was interesting to watch,they are going through a period of exploration and experimentation that I’m very curious about. About the French Horn Rebellion, well, I was not much impressed, they were nice looking kids, playing many machines, sounding a bit like a newer Daft Punk, but I couldn’t really understand why they have become so popular worldwide, anyway the people that was there seemed to enjoyed it a lot.

Bob Dylan also played last Friday in Shanghai. I didn’t go. But I read this article that’s probably the most interesting thing about this concert.

Rainbow Danger Club played last Saturday at Break for Borneo’s album released concert, after a nice performance I talked with them and they told me they are working on new songs, so we should expect other album of this band near the end of June.

Boys Climbing Ropes is releasing in six weeks a new EP produced by Brad Ferguson. And Duck Fight Goose is also cooking other album with Brad, this one is still on production but it will come out some time during the second semester of 2011.

The Ice Cream Truck blog is up and ready to play, it’s looking pretty sweet and nasty. Check it.

And to finish the update go and check the new of Battles, Beastie Boys, and Seun Kuti’s new album Egypt 80 produced by Brain Eno and it’s possible uses.

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