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BADTASTIC 5 is coming to a theater of the damned (OK, Not Me) near you this Friday night. It’s the official after-party for the epic Peaches at MAO Livehouse show and features Killa Kela’s DJ CONRANK (don’t know why a beat-boxer needs a DJ, but anyway) BITBOX LAND, supposedly PEACHES, and a cast of thousands of arrhythmical humps just like you. I suppose I don’t need to remind our audience that you should, um, like, be there.

We recently caught up with the crew whilst they were chillaxing in their ‘hood. Well, they were either doing that or feverishly staring at computer screens and faintly grumbling.

Tell us about the players in the drama that is Badtastic. DJ names, real names (if the innocent don’t need to be protected), what brings you to China, musical tastes, favorite breakfast cereal, etc.?

We’re a friendly mix of people all working in Shanghai. The Badtastic DJ lineup is always changing, for this week’s party we’ve got four of us on decks – DJ Drun (a digital producer at an ad agency), DJ Samwhich (a creative director at a design firm), Wongton and DJ Egg Tart, who are both account management types for an ad agency. We like fun music and most of us don’t eat breakfast, even though we know we should.

What is the Badtastic creation myth? How did these disparate pieces come together like Voltron?

Badtastic was born out of an observation that things in China are sometimes so bad they become awesome. Like nonsensical subtitles, restaurants called “Everyday U.S.A,” and the Bund sightseeing tunnel. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to throw the worst party in Shanghai. It made it easier that none of us knew how to DJ. Our friend Reggie (DJR3, who also DJ’s with us once in a while) was helping a new club get their shit together, so we secured a night and the rest is history. We’re now on Badtastic Number 5 and we’re feeling pretty good about it.

Please tell us the world ranking for each Badtastic DJ.

Dude, Badtastic is not about rankings. Or – suffice it to say – we’re all pretty much at the bottom of any DJ ranking list ever created, save for Smart Shanghai’s yearly roundup. Bizarrely, we made it to the top of that list, but we’re still not sure how that happened.

What were some of the more memorable Badtastic moments from the previous parties? Any sordid tales?

We nearly set the DJ Booth on fire during one of the first parties. One of us (who shall go unnamed) missed the ashtray and accidentally dropped a cigarette into a weird void between the wall and DJ booth. This resulted in the cigarette sparking up something on the ground, and filling the entire booth with smoke. We didn’t even notice until we noticed the odd smell – Not Me has those smoke machines, after all. Fortunately, we had drinks on hand (to drink and also to put out the fire) and disaster was avoided.

Badtastic seems to have a cool aesthetic going. Tell us about the designer of your flyers and their connection with the collective.

DJ Samwhich designs all of our flyers for us – he’s a designer and creative director by trade, but also, bizarrely, a qualified marine biologist who has actually discovered 18 new species of marine life to date. He’s got a Wikipedia page (Ed. note: Unconfirmed) and everything, but don’t mention it to him because he’ll think you’re making fun of him and want to fight you. He gets kinda squeaky and Max Fischer–esque. He’s all “I DISCOVERED 18 NEW SPECIES, WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Trust us, it gets awkward.

What types of music will we be hearing at Not Me on Friday night?

Hipster hits, Southern grime, Eclectic, Funk & Soul, 8bit iPhone, Hip Hop. Literally in that order.

Are there any songs that absolutely must be played at a Badtastic getdown?

There are no must-plays, there’s only what we remember to play. If you’re some drunk student who repeatedly pokes your head into the booth and asks us to play “more brit pop” or god forbid, “Oasis”, we’ll probably say no. On the other hand, if you’re mildly attractive and ask for something we like, we’ll probably play it.

OK, impress us: It’s around midnight, people are starting to come, but no one is really getting down. What do you throw on to get the party moving?

We asked DJ DRUN to answer this question, and he says “Once you get the ladies dancing, the guys will follow. So in that situation, I go to Chromeo. Danceable, instantly recognizable and plays around 125BPM so you can scale up and scale down. Almost every Chromeo song is good in my book, but “Fancy Footwork” and “Needy Girl” really get the crowd going. Either that or I go for some K.C. and the Sunshine Band. “Old is the New New.” We at Badtastic agree with what he says, except for the 125BPM part. We think he’s just bullshitting that part.

Any parting shots?

We’re lovers, not fighters, so we’re not into parting shots. See you on Friday! XO.

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