Friend or Foe, Documenting Human Behavior

I don’t know about you, but I’m overdosing with Friend or Foe. Clearly there’s some favoritism happening here at Layabozi.

I’ve spent all day yesterday trying to recover the interview we did a couple weeks ago. Anyway so the original idea was to follow the usual procedure, transcribe it and cut all the useless talk, and bad words as much as possible, and so on, but after listening to it I realized that if I was going to do that then I would have had to cut almost the whole talk. You’ll see. So even though I feel uncomfortable showing publicly my silly mistakes with English and the silly questions I do when I’m talking, I have to forget about all that and just don’t care. Anyway, all those mistakes fit a bit with the silliness of the guys of Friend or Foe.

The recording is cut at the beginning and at the end because some weird thing happening with my iPhone (I’ve already explained the thing I’m having with machines lately). So, yeah, this is far from being a serious, or good interview. Trying to get some serious comment out of these guys was simply impossible, and I was so impressed with their awesomeness that I turned blond. I have the feeling I’m just excusing too much here, but I don’t care about that neither. Anyway as they say, this is about having fun (and other things too).

The interview was recorded outside of the All Days near the studio where they rehearse, the first one talking is Rabshaka, then Mahanadan, and the third guy is Bob, the new bass player, the first seconds of the interview when they presented each of them was just eaten by iTunes (I really don’t like iTunes), also the very last ones too*. And by the way, there’s a lot of nasty talk there, you might not want to share  this one with your moms.

*Sorry, I forgot to add that the funny outside joke, and the rastas are Ox’s. Who will bring us soon a clip of that day, to finish finally with these dudes in Layabozi. REALLY!

Interview to Friend or Foe

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