Friend or Foe, Justify the Unjustifiable

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Friend or Foe will play this Saturday to open LOgO. They plan to transmute with rock and blood all that could go wrong in jazz. Thus LOgO will be initiated. To prepare, know who are really Friend or Foe, and download and listen to their music.

Friend or Foe play rock with shades of punk, metal, hip hop, and pop. They dress in costumes, wear masks, hide their identities (out of fear to society), they show a lot of skin on the stage, yell nonsense to the audience, they play noticeably wasted, if they would have more instruments they sure would be burning, breaking, sacrificing guitars and drums on every show, also speakers when the sound of the venues haven’t been with them. They are violent, and they are not friendly, if you like their music, so what? If you don’t, it doesn’t make any difference. They say they are half demon/half angel. Certainly the angel in them is the difficult side to get. The devil in them is right there to play for you. If you are serious about music, then they are hard to get. They are dedicated to their music, no doubt, but their personalities are so big on the stage that when they play live it sounds different than when you hear their recorded tracks.

Friend or Foe’s music is messy, then trashy, then violent, then when you think your ears are going to explode, a sweet melodic riff will stop you from leaving, and when that happens, you are caught, and you just lost the battle to run away from them. You might think they are melodic and sweet, but then they’ll come with some heavy sound that could break your tolerance. Kind of annoying, I have to say. The bass lines, the riffs, the grooves are strong and once they get you, really, it’s no way out. Rabshaka on guitar and vocals is a strong front man. Skinny, sure, but strong. Funk is a big influence in his riffs, he has strong lungs to yell, when he is not too wasted he keeps it together, though there are moments that I feel he’s going to lose it and go totally out of tune, and that stresses me. Mahanadan, on drums, hits them hard when he gets punk, but swings with a poppish touch. Sometimes he gets messy on the cymbals – especially when he’s been drinking for some days in a row– and then it’s like Shiva would be playing instead of him, and I feel sorry for the drums. Bill on bass keeps it simple and cool. He doesn’t lose it, not that I remember. His bass lines are not mind blowing, but they are solid, he shares the funky tone with Rabshaka, and keeps it cool with Mahanadan when he is getting possessed. I have to say that is really not good news that Bill will be killed, between Mahanadan and Rabshaka the energy flow is heavy. It takes a strong spirit to keep that energy flowing grounded. Whoever comes to replace Bill will have to have his heart and mind well set on taking this spot.

Talking with these guys was not easy, they battle and don’t give a break, they are on guard all the time. If you tell them anything that’s near to a complaint they’ll twist it and be pleased about it. And if you finally get to have a friendly talk with them, you’ll get a nasty conversation about sex and pretty hardcore jokes. If you are a chick or English is not your language, then probably you will understand half of the jokes. However, I asked for explanations and they all took their time and dedication to graphically detail what they were talking about. A bit, shocking, actually. Sorry, those are out of this interview. They were expanding so much on each answer that even they thought finally to work out the answers as a whole unit, “to keep it short and sweet”, they said.  Honestly, I didn’t feel like arguing, I was happy to end the meeting soon.

We got these three tracks for you, while you read, download Burnt Out Buildings, Crazy Eye, and Snortin’ Clorox. Thanks to Friend or Foe’s mom for passing them to us!

Layabozi: Who’s mom’s and dad’s favorite?

Friend or Foe: We are bastard children and our dad has no idea we exist. Mom likes Mahanadan the best because of his supple yet firm figure.

LYBZ: What did Bill do that you have to kill him?

FoF: It is so terrible that it really can’t be printed. It is like that movie “Aristocrats” except it was worse.

LYBZ: Why have you chosen violence instead of peace?

FoF: The choice was obvious. Also our dad left us, and we milk as often as we can to justify the unjustifiable.

LYBZ: Why did you choose to call yourself Friend or Foe?

FoF: We have a lot of contrary emotions in our music. We like to make you shake your ass, and head bang and then throw out a lyric that shocks and offends. In the end we are a friend and a foe, but each moment we can flicker between.

LYBZ: When you talk about your music to people that haven’t listened to you, what do you tell them about it?

FoF: We just subject them to a sort of bad karaoke on the spot. It is definitely a foe moment, because nobody likes a-capella versions of heavier songs. Nobody.

LYBZ:  How much of you is in your show, and how much in your music?

FoF: We write and perform our own songs so it’s somewhere around 2% milk

LYBZ: Is anything real in Friend or Foe?

FoF: Not really LYBZ: What’s the origin of “Snortin’ Clorox”?

FoF: That song is about robots taking over the world. It is a fear. But we think with the aid of household chemicals, we can hold the robots at bay. They can’t handle The Clorox!

LYBZ:  What are you going to do without Bill? are you sure this is the only way to fix the situation with him? how will you explain your actions to your mother?

FoF: These are difficult questions. They demand a depth of thought that we are incapable of.

LYBZ:  Have you thought about the implications of killing Bill the same day LOgO will be reborn? (What are your thoughts on this)

FoF: Yes, Bill will be reincarnated into the walls of the new LOgO. Also they will take samples of his blood and randomly splash into the drinks over the coming year!

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