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Eatliz is a crazy art-rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel. They have made three albums of eclectic music that they say, “call to mind artists like Faith No More, The Cranberries and Blonde Redhead.”

Eatliz is coming to China, as part of the JUE Festival, as well as playing other dates in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Changsha.

The band’s musicianship is stellar and, in addition, they offer a visual element to most of their shows. The band also boasts a bevy of bodacious videos, which will be featured in our Friday’s The Greatest Video You’ve Ever Seen.

We will be streaming some of their music interspersed within this interview and, at the end, the band has generously offered a link for a free song download.

So check out the responses from the band and, definitely, get out to the shows: In Shanghai at Yuyintang on March 23rd and in Beijing with a video screening at the Hutong on the 24th and the show at Tango on the 25th.



Layabozi: Where does the name Eatliz come from?

Eatliz: The name has some meanings: In Hebrew, it means Butcher shop. In English, it has a naughty interpretation, and it also refers to Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins.

LYBZ: Eatliz is a self-described “art-rock” band. Can you tell me what characteristics constitute art-rock in your mind?

E: In our mind it’s a playground of genres with a basic rock ground to it. It’s quirky and unexpected music that takes from every genre we feel like blending in. We mix prog, metal, surf, goth, indie, funk, Middle Eastern music, and in every genre we like to have a poppy and melodic vibe.

LYBZ: Your lineup seems to have been a bit unstable over the years, especially at singer. What have been the circumstances behind these changes?

E: Eatliz is a very dynamic and intensive band, which reflects our music. Band members sometimes need more time for their solo projects and depart the band. Every member that was a part of Eatliz is a fantastic musician that left his mark and influence and we like it this way. Every new member adds new drive and an energy shot to the band and this new blood keeps Eatliz fresh and passionate.

LYBZ: What is the music scene like in Tel Aviv and Israel in general?

E: There is a massive talent going on. Seems like every second person is in a music or art project. Tel Aviv is the music center of Israel and has this ongoing party vibe. Most of the venues, rehearsal rooms and bands are in Tel Aviv. It’s the place to be for getting to know new music and musicians. It’s like a small size Berlin or New York where you can catch cool live shows and great parties every night. Jerusalem has a smaller scene, with electronic and experimental acts. In general, the alternative scene is bubbly, but, like most of the world, the mainstream music is getting the headlines. However, since this creative force of underground music is so powerful, the music finds its way to the people that are thirsty for new music all the time.

LYBZ: It has been said that each Eatliz performance is unique. Is that true and, if so, what can you divulge about your upcoming China shows?

E: Every show is very different because every crowd is very different and we always react to the energy of the crowd and we have energetic dialogues with those who come to our concerts. It is always surprising for us as well because we bring our music, vibe and mood to the stage. This meeting with people is always different. Besides that we try to reinvent for the crowd and ourselves by having different arrangements to the songs and visual concepts. For JUE Festival, for example, we will have a new video art concept that will be reveled in the festival. We are still working on it in order to finish on time for the tour. All our upcoming China shows will include new songs from our upcoming album, which is due to be released at the end of 2012.

LYBZ: How did the whole China tour come about? Is Splitworks handling all of your appearances, even outside of the JUE Fest events? Or did you have other helpers?

E: We owe it all to our great partners Panda Music Management – Ray and Victor. They saw us at SXSW Festival last year and we hooked up really fast. They connected us to JUE Festival, of which we are proud to be a part, and (Panda) also are handling all of the tour dates.

LYBZ: Was it a specific goal of yours to hit spots in China? If so, why?

E: We are getting strong responses for our music from all over the world, but especially from countries in South America like Chile, Brazil and Colombia. We think Eatliz can be cool in Japan, because our animation is kinda manga-oriented. The truth is we never thought about touring China, since we didn’t know the Chinese music scene so much. Once we met Panda who work in Japan, Taiwan and China, it suddenly opened our mind to a place we never thought about. Preparing for the tour we are getting to hear great music acts and discover the bursting art scene in China and it gives us a boost of energy wanting to get there.

LYBZ: What do you expect out of a tour of China? Do you have any preconceived notions going in?

E: We have no idea what to expect. Every person we speak to that has been to China tells us it’s a fascinating place and different from everything we know, so we are ready to be constantly surprised.

LYBZ: What, in your mind, will constitute a successful Chinese tour?

E: Meeting the expectations of our Chinese fans and being able to connect with them.

LYBZ: What will be happening for Eatliz after the Asian tour is finished?

E: After the tour we will continue working on our next album and a new concept for our live shows. In the summer, we will tour Europe with some festival spots.


China Tour Dates:

19.3 Changsha @ Freedom House

20.3 Wuhan @ Vox

21.3 Wed Nanjing @ 61 House

22.3 Thu Hangzhou @ 9 Club

23.3 Shanghai — JUE Hear + See @ YuyinTang with Yourboyfriendsucks! (Guangzhou), Battle Cattle (Shanghai)

24.3 Music Video and Animation Screening with Eatliz @ The Hutong

25.3 Beijing — JUE Hear + See @ Tango  with Devil Music Ensemble (USA)


Find more about Eatliz on their official website.

Free download Eatliz song “Spliff”.

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