Strawberry Update, Gossip, and The Elephant At The Bar

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Photo by Jake Newby

Let’s start getting out of the way the little pachyderm pointing at the couple of silly mistakes. Mostly all is great at Strawberry except for the change of location of the electronic stage, and that the only alcohol available at the fest is rum, no beer. Aha. Unbelievable. No beer available except for one spot, that is potentially millionaire right now.

Right. How is possible that they are not selling beer at the festival?! This subject took big part of the conversations I had yesterday there, you must understand beer is a basic fuel for people at a rock festivals, and probably for a big amount of people around the world any time.

Asking and asking finally the answer we got from one of the guys of the TV sponsors of the show, Modern Sky could not get a deal with a beer to sponsor the festival, and that was it. It’s very impressive that Modern Sky didn’t think to just buy the beer themselves and sell it in a couple of beer stands, they could have make so much money. Well they were so into getting the sponsors that forgot the obvious. Nothing else to comment, we all have our blond moments, but this one is was pretty blond one. Modern Sky just lost an opportunity to make a lot of more money.

The tip to save the day is that the convenience store in the center of the Expo park has beers, but you can bet that today they will still won’t have enough for all day, so you better bring your own load. I think they will let you take your own through the entrance. If not, call me and I pass it through the press entrance.

Now the thing about the electronic stage is that last years electronic stage by the two river cranes was spectacular, this year they set up the Taiwan stage there/ Sure, canto pop needs a big space, but they could have put it on the grass field where JZ had last year the blue grass stage, so even people could have romantically seaten on the grass and picnic with wine and Korean BBQ to listen to their fav pop stars from Taiwan. And the people that yesterday was intoxicated with psytrance instead of being dancing in an uneven tiny grass field, they could have been worshipping the DJ at the great dance space that was that wooden floor by the river.

Done with the blond spots of Strawberry. The rest has been fantastic, we had lots of fun yesterday. Specially with Deerhoof, and Re-Tros, XTX closed the day, we already saw his show when he came to release his album to Shanghai. And this time he was much more energetic and fun, he got a huge crowd that sang and head bang with him

We had some fun quick interview time with Deerhoof, Re-Tros, and Candy Monsters. We will edit the interviews later, but here you can listen a bit of them all. These are our drafts that we are sharing with you, I recorded everything thinking on transcribing them, but today I woke up thinking just to share them to help you get in the fest mood if you haven’t yet, there’s a lot of back noise obviously, and lots of silly things I normally would scratch for the written article, basically it can’t get more indie and groupie. I hope you enjoy them.


First we interview Candy Monster from Beijing. They were really nice and cool for the photoshoot, that you’ll get in a couple of days.


Re-Tros played that song where they sing to Santiago, I didn’t know it, and I was surprised, so that’s the beginning of the interview about. We met with Huadong and MaHui and their manager Jackie.

We also met with Deerhof after they played. We talked with Greg, John, Ed, and Satomi. I know it’s not clear who says what, and there’s a lot of noice, plus  my phone kept on recording for ages after the interview was over, and I have no time to edit it.. sorry. I said these are raw recordings, this is it, can’t get more raw than this. But I think you will enjoy it anyway.

We will do all the thing well done later when I’m no longer short of time running after rock stars.

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  1. Andy Best

    I think my friends were lucky and I was unlucky. When we entered the site, we walked up into the Love Stage on our wanders, and then the first stand we saw, we got some drinks and there was beer there. I guess that was the one spot. The, I got right up front to pogo away for Hedgehog at the main stage and got beer showered twice.

    1. mache

      hah.. that, or maybe they realized they made a mistake and got beer for the third day. I couldn’t go the last day, Ox did, but he does not drink beer.


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