Kompakt turned 20


March is Kompakt’s month, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Twenty years of music joy is fantastic reason for celebration. Layabozi wants to say cheers to Kompakt, maybe with e-baijiu, probably the best drink to go with German techno madness. We wish Kompakt a hundred years more of life, at least, with a consistent growth, specially towards China of course. And many more great times with music!

This is Kompakt’s story: “It was on March 1, 1993, that the blue doors of the Delirium record shop in Cologne on Gladbucher Strasse 36 opened their doors for the first time.  Run by Wolfgang Voigt, Jörg Burger, Reinhard Voigt and Jürgen Paape, the record store was quickly invaded by a savvy youngster Michael Mayer who after complaining about the poor selection of records found his way behind the cash register.  What has followed since has been a techno roller coaster fueled by thousands of records, fans and of course the birth of KOMPAKT. Today, KOMPAKT is a block sized building on Werderstrasse and remains (always) in Cologne.  The home of a (much larger) record store alongside the record label, world wide distribution home to over 100 exclusive record labels, booking agency, recording studios, publishing / sync services and a management agency.”

And this is the main reason to cheer with Kompakt their 20 years of life.

Voigt & Voigt “Der Keil NRW”

The celebration cake of this anniversary is by Voigt & Voigt with “Der Keil NRW”, an awesome track for free download, from his new album Die Zauberhafter Welt Der Anderen.



Wolfgang Voigt  The Best Of Mike Ink Is Dead 1

The other special event for this anniversary is the return of Mike Ink, Wolfgang Voigt’s project from 1991. The return is only in vinyl, but available to listen to it on Kompakt’s player. This is techno concentrate.



Kaito “Everlasting”

Featured in Kompakt’s compilation for the anniversary. “Everlasting” was released in 2001. Real awesome last forever.


Matias Aguayo “Naranja”

Released in 2010. They say there is always one Chilean in every well round circle. Kompakt scored two. Aguayo was the first.



Rainbow Arabia “Without You”

Rainbow Arabia released FM Sushi on February, through Time No Place Records, Kompakt’s partners of course. A great album. This one is from 2011



John Tejada “Subdivided”

“Subdivided” is from his album Parabolas, his first one with Kompakt, and a total hit.


The Field “Then Is White”

From his third album Looping State Of Mind. Kompakt has been with The Field since his first album.


Taragana Pyjarama “Lo NG”

Album and EP were released last year, and both were… are delicious.


Coma “Betty Davis Eyes”

Kompakt has a disco side that’s quiet classy. Free of shrillness. Maybe shy, but fine.



Michael Mayer 

A live set by Kompakt’s head DJ and producer. This one is from 2010, played at Madrid’s Fabrik.

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