• Jeff Lang in Shanghai

    Jeff Lang by Split Works at YuYinTang

    Before the show, I planned to write a review / reaction, but the review part is almost impossible now. This was, by a pretty big margin, the best gig I’ve ever seen at the venerable YYT, and I’ve seen a lot of my favs there (Hedgehog, Carsick, The Gar, etc.) But Jeff blew them away…

  • Marching Band's Spark Large : Happy Music


    Listening to Spark Large makes me think many things right off the bat. 1.) Sweden and Scandanavia’s rep for making great music lives up to the hype, rare enough in these days. 2.) Marching Band use incredibly lush accompaniments that always make me think of an unbelievably sunny, wonderful summer afternoon with a pretty girl in a yellow sundress. And, most importantly, 3.) they are really happy, and really, really good.


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