• Five Years of Beijing's RandomK(e)

    RandomK(e)'s 5 years anniversary

    RandomK(e) from Beijing is celebrating their fifth anniversary this Saturday at 2Kolegas. M.E. Seeley here expounds on why we should listen to RamdomK(e), if you still haven’t done it. And, if you are in Beijing, then we’re jealous for that gig.

  • No Lumps of Coal at YuYinTang on Christmas


    We are happy to tell you Mr. M.E. Seeley is back in town, and back on Layabozi. This is his “back in the game” piece about two sweet bands that rocked YuYinTang on Christmas day: Yu Guo and Cigarette Butts. Read about them, while listening to their music…

  • The Reincarnation of the Monkees

    Life Journey "Laifu Clay" Cover

    This one is from some time ago, with all the activity it got mixed with other articles and it just came out of the chaos we are having these days here (actually Mark himself rescued it from the abyss where all unpublished articles go to float… we should do a compilation of those once). Anyway, better later than never, here Life Journey’s gig on YuYinTang, reviewed by Mark, aka M.E. Seeley, the evelish duck. …Sorry Mark, it will never happen again.

  • 体会怎么演奏得动听

    我喜爱。凡是能从目前作音乐的那些有利可图的垃圾中救出我来的事都算稀有和美好。来自北京的欲望之箭(Arrows Made of Desire)成为了在中国正在创立一种新颖的音乐的乐队之一。

  • Learning How To Play Nice

    Arrows Made of Desire is releasing their new album this next days, on May 29th. Layabozi got a preview of it, and a great interview with Joewi Verhoeven leader, singer and songwriter of AMoD. Read here about their music, the new album Songs that Sell Out, and listen in advance to two of their new songs.

  • A Walk Through A Garden


    Miyadudu’s latest album is a stroll along the sunlit path strewn with kittens, fallen stars, and specters of lost love, an aural representation of these past eight years of LinDi’s life.

  • Noise Doesn't Have To Be Annoying

    Since the first RESO (Reconstruct the Experimental Soundscapes of Ourselves) concert in April of last year, this collective has managed to bring in a number of experimental artists from around China and the globe to educate the relatively naive ears of Shanghai denizens on non-conventional music. The most recent gathering was at YuYinTang on Sunday night and it opened with Montreal-based Dirty Beaches, a lo-fi ‘call-it-pop’ project of Alex Zhang Hungtai.


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