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“The last ever release by Boys Climbing Ropes.” Maybe. We will see about that. There are, and maybe always be, rumours of some more news to come from them still.

I have to say first this, that the fact that “Grow Up” is the last song of this last EP just makes me angry, okay maybe just frustrated, but really. Boys Climbing Ropes were “growing up” when they split. It makes me feel like growing up sucks. And I actually never liked the concept of this song. I disagree with it.

All They Have To Say, who are they? Them? Boys Climbing Ropes? Or then who? Us? … nah…. some other dudes maybe. Anyway, it’s not possible that that was all they have to say, it’s difficult to believe that Boys Climbing Ropes split because they ran out of things to say. No way.

Some music appears in the right minute, it could be a minute that’s important just for you, or a collective moment. Boys Climbing Ropes was one of those bands that happened when there was a collective moment happening, it was not a short moment, and the group of people wasn’t massive big but it wasn’t little neither, some hundreds or thousands were around at least. Hundreds that were very active in the development of the new music scene of Shanghai and China. Boys Climbing Ropes weren’t the only ones, but they were on the front of the movement. But they split.

Some heartbreaks just don’t get better, you just learn to regulate their volume. And things like this EP of course turn the volume of this lost higher again. Boys Climbing Ropes will forever be in my personal player.

Okay, so All They Have To Say was actually the record that was planned to come right after Summer Winter Warfare from 2011, which was part of the double release they did together with X is Y, but those songs in that double release were produced in a different way, they were recorded another time, in another space, and with someone else. All They Have To Say was the one they recorded when this dude Manny came to Shanghai for some weeks in 2011 from a trip from Hong Kong, I think. And for those weeks seemed that everybody was talking about him. A dude that came to Shanghai somewhere from outside our bubble, they were saying he was cool and they were telling stories of who he had worked with, and then their own stories with him, because the dude was meeting bands around, and then he started to record them in underground spots, literally underground apparently. This one was recorded on the practicing rooms by Huashan lu, that’s how Morgan reminds it. So the dude did a nice job and created a fun hang around with these bands. And Boys Climbing Ropes was supposed to get all ready to release the album but then, you know, things always happen, so we just got it now. That’s how it is.

Manny is credited on the bandcamp of the EP as Recorder and Producer Manuel Nieto.

If you were at the last concert of Boys Climbing Ropes then be sure you got to listen to these songs live, they played them at their Last Waltz. However, nobody would oppose to have them played live again. In case they need to know it.

Boys Climbing Ropes music doesn’t change, it’s rock, repetitions in the songs, and from song to song, and EP to EP. They are not going to ever release some electronic mellow pop, or a punk trash metal tune. No. This is what they are. Right. And it’s fun, and they are even thighter in this record. Devin’s drumming on “Socially Awkward,” man! Those rattles raise the speed of your heart from two to a googolplex in three seconds. You see, the thing about Boys Climbing Ropes is that they knew how to manipulate us, and we liked it, they gave us a rhythmyc chaos to play around.

Listening to Little Punk singing brings so many images alive, and I think that would happen even if you never listened to them playing back when Boys Climbing Ropes were still… cool, you know. Little Punk has the appearance of a quiet sweet girl, but you know that if she would be really like that then she wouldn’t sound like she does, she wouldn’t say what she says. This music is instigating.

Jordan also isn’t a sweet girl singing, no, when he is on the top of the wave he can devastate a crowd and get the moshpit on. And on the guitar he is bringing cool details like there’s a tiny Chinese ranchera hidden around there that’s pretty sweet. And of course all those kick ass strums.

I remember Morgan saying his bass playing was bad or just nothing, you know, “I’m not good, I’m not a rockstar” attitude. He said it so much, he convinced me. So okay, he is not a rockstar, neither a good bass player, but I’ve seen him playing like wanting to break the strings, like there is no tomorrow. And you can hear him strumming the bass in this record, as much as bringing the melodies up.

All They Have To Say adds three new songs to the recorded repertoir of Boys Climbing Ropes, now we have nineteen songs to hear from them. We could still use more.




When I was writing this review I texted to all the members of Boys Climbing Ropes in China, to know some things about the record. The texts resulted in a hang with Devin Gallery, the drummer of the band. We met on Wednesday this week, by then I had already written the review, but I thought it was going to be fun just to talk in any case. Of course I brought a recorder. We met and had a good friendly update, until then I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the recording of what we were about to talk, maybe to have it saved for another article or the moment that they could announce they were playing again, you never know, but once the recording began I realized this was meant to be released immediately, so here it is for the beatniks of Boys Climbing Ropes, the details of the recording of the last EP of Boys Climbing Ropes and some more tales.


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