Boys Climbing Ropes' "Life Knife"

Today Layabozi opened a special section dedicated just to celebrate Boys Climbing Ropes. It’s the first band we do this for, and who knows if it will happen again.

The best way to start the series of articles we are producing about them is to play one of their classics, one that will give you goosebumps when you listen live next time you do, and from then on forever, it will remind you some of your best times in Shanghai, your friends, your parties, your problems, your misfortunes, and your adventures. Who can resist to fall for the first chords of “Life Knife”?

“Life Knife” is the kind of anthemic songs that Boys Climbing Ropes was aiming to create, and in fact, produced with great success. “Life Knife” is a song that you wish would never end. The correct breaks, the right management of the tension, the exact amount of darkness, all that dragging you in the song wanting to be able to grab a piece of it, to have it, while it runs through you like sand between your feet. Perfect emotional manipulation, perfect because you know it’s a solid song that’s making sense to you, and because you can feel it’s genuine.

I dare you to listen to “Life Knife” just once, no re play. I can’t.


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  1. Marilyn

    Well said, Mache.
    I can hear those first notes – ya know, the ones that made your heart jump at the opening of a show – and I know this is definitely part of my Shanghai existence, and one I will never forget.
    Thanks BCR…


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