Boys Climbing Ropes' "The Knitting Song"


I think it was last year when Peipei, aka Little Punk, started to knit. Suddenly wherever we saw her she was knitting,  it became a usual image to see her with a crochet making a little bag, a scarf, a hat, while chatting with friends, or alone too, usually at concerts on YutinTang or even at parties at The Shelter.

Knitting was not just knitting, the process of following a set of very detailed steps was affecting her concentration, and probably not only that but also her creativity. We talked about it once, and she confirmed it, knitting was not just knitting.

Recently I was with Peipei and all her knitting tools were around us, and I realized that the wonder of her thing with knitting is how she transformed a common and almost invisible craft, in a very visible art for all the people around her. I’ve seen many people knit, I have done it too, but it never seemed so interesting as when Peipei started to do it, that’s all because she has this magic that can turn ordinary things in big things.

“The Knitting Song” is her rock ode to the art of knitting.  On the interview we did last year to her and Morgan they talked about the origin of this song and part of its story.




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