Boys Climbing Ropes, Their Last Waltz

Has this happened to you? While travelling you meet someone that’s totally awesome and inspiring and you get along really well, so you decided to go on with the trip together as long as possible, you spend time together and it’s even more awesome than what you expected, also because the trip, the landscapes, and all the fun, and cool experiences shared together. Then suddenly the trip is over, and your friend is going back to his/her home, and you to yours, and they are not in the same place. So you are just incredibly happy you met him/her, but also you can’t believe how sad it is that the trip is over and you don’t know when you will meet again, if you ever do. Mixed feelings. Nothing last forever, I know. We all know. But some ends, are just not easy to digest. This is the case.

Boys Climbing Ropes is seeing the last days of their time together. There’s no good way to say this. They are splitting. Not because they want, but it’s the usual Chinese story for bands to end. Jordan is leaving China, and since he is leaving, then, Morgan, and Pei Pei are also getting ready to fly out of Shanghai. Closer, though. To Beijing.

I know this since a couple of months ago, and I have to say, still I’m not over this news. Boys Climbing Ropes is one of my favorite bands in Shanghai, and in the world. And I love to have them around. I will take a break, go grab a beer, and change the mood from gray to summer again, before depressing you all. One sec.


Well. Changes are good, most of the time, and when we think they are not, probably is because we just don’t know yet what will happen later. So let’s keep it positive, and think that if it’s the time to end Boys Climbing Ropes, that should mean that bigger things will happen to them, and to all of us who love their music and concerts.

To say good bye and do the proper ceremony for this big event, Boys Climbing Ropes will have one last concert, their Last Waltz, and I’m honered to tell you that Layabozi is producing and promoting it along with them, and the world wide famous B.O.

This is the information you need to know to be there with Boys Climbing Ropes, one of the sickest bands in Shanghai’s history of rock.


Boys Climbing Ropes Farewell Shows

Date: June 1 and June 2 @ Yuyintang

Bands: Boys Climbing Ropes

X is Y, Duck Fight Goose, Rainbow Danger Club, Stegosaurus?, Battle Cattle, The Macaronians, Naohai, Moon Tyrant, Iamalam, Next Years Love, Friend or Foe + more to be announced

Start time: Doors @ 8:30pm on Friday, June 1; Doors @ 5pm on Saturday, June 2

Price: 50rmb per day; 80rmb for a 2-day pass, available the night of the first show

Extras: Food (sausages!) and booze give-away in the evening of the Saturday night show, Shanghai music merch table, exhibitions, assorted bullshit, and a screening of the second ever Boys Climbing Ropes show at LOgO, “when we sucked real bad”.


Alas… all things end… and Shanghai indie shit rock band Boys Climbing Ropes will play our last ever shows at Yuyintang on June 1 and 2.

The Beast will not go gently into that good night. It will writhe and sweat one last show, wringing the very life blood that has been its support for the past 6 years. As Boys Climbing Ropes comes to an end, we feel honored by the many blessings this country has bestowed upon our band. We have reveled in the darkest corners every second-tier city has to offer, we have made ourselves feel younger in the arms of transitory crowds. We have felt loved, dismissed, inappropriate, and satisfied by our time spent on stages throughout China.

But it is Shanghai that is home and it will be this city that we look back to as integral to every song we have ever played. This city and everyone involved in the music scene is where we get our energy.

So, with a big sweaty BCR hug we say farewell and thank you.


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