The People's Playlist Of Boys Climbing Ropes


One day before of the farewell concert of Boys Climbing Ropes we want to commemorate their existence and spectacular death with a collection of fan’s favorites and their reflections.

We want to let them know we love them, and we’ll miss them, and that we appreciate their contribution to the scene, to our comunity, and to our lifes. We leave the rest to their fans, friends, and enemies.



For me it’s all about “Knitting Song”, I have seen them perform it twice and both times it really hit me. I love everything about the song and Little Punk’s delivery makes it that much better. RIP BRC


Dan Shapiro (The Fever Machine)

Sometime around March or April 2007, Abe Deyo brought the Shotgun SheRas from Hong Kong to play at 4Live. A four-piece, all-female country band was a pretty easy sell, but Abe didn’t mention the other band on the bill, a trio of over-sized Ted Leo-loving Canadians called Boys Climbing Ropes.

This was before the days of Little Punk, before the band name was ironic, before Jordan and Morgan owned electric guitars and basses, and definitely before BCR hit their stride and found their sound.

The set was indeed quite rough, but the band made it through the show without scaring too many people away, and they even had one solid song that stood out, something with the lyrics “the bomb will bring us love.”

That song never made it onto any BCR recordings and quickly worked its way out of the setlist once Little Punk finagled her way onto the stage and showed those boys how to put a real band together, but it was definitely a memorable track. The first of many.

Perhaps after reading this, Jordan will put that tune online so that first wave BCR fans, people who left China two generations ago, can hear the music that first attracted them to the band, and so that everyone else can hear how far they’ve come and developed over the 25 years they’ve been playing together.


Tom Magione (Time Out)

“Grow Up” – I swear it’s the story of my life.


Daisy Zhao (CAssette)

One song I remember the most of BCR is “The Knitting Song” ..knit knit knit..


Lenz (Androsace)

“Night Boy”.  Song about the night!


Philipp Grefer (Fake Music Media)

“Whale Song”. This song is the first song I heard from Boy Climbing Ropes. And it was this one that convinced me of the band. Beautifully imperfect it has a rough power that for some reason feels like spring to me (I mostly never listen to lyrics). Great guitar riff, uplifting keys and a voice that sounds like alcohol, cigarettes and passion. Then Little Punk´s voice enters the room. Exactly at the right time. Timing is everything in music. We are 3:30 into it and the song, far from being boring, develops into a screaming crescendo. Voices, guitars, drums + bass set out for the grand finale.. and then it’s over. It’s almost sad. Then I listen to it again.


Jake Newby (Time Out –

It’s really hard to pick out one song, but I’m going with “Life Knife”. I’ve lots of reasons for liking this song, and lots of memories of it being played, but the one performance that really sticks out is when BCR supported Subs at the old MAO Livehouse a couple of years ago. They actually played a fairly short set – one of the things about BCR is that they’ve always known how long a support set should be – but this song ended it, sent the crowd nuts and topped off an immense performance that’s always stuck in my mind as a classic BCR moment.


Abe Deyo (Concert producer and promoter)

Song that affects me the most….has to be “A Pleasure to Be Here” a great title I am going to steal for a book one day, and a feeling that accurately describes my feelings towards being, well…



Andy Best (

This is a hard question for me. The entire history of the band has taken place while I have been here and following the scene, so there’s a lot of moments. After the Control gig at Dream Factory the live shows started taking off and “Polar Bears” was the closer for a while. But the song I like the best is “Life Knife”. It represents, for me, the point at which the band really hit another level, when I started to know the songs and get something more from the shows. The musical parts are all very typical and defining of the members’ styles and I really like the lyrics. “Heat turns into light, travels into time.” “Your eyes are the stars, they will soon die … ” I have a very vivid memory of standing still in the centre of a chaotic mosh, listening to the lyrics and being in another place, mentally, thinking about the whims of the universe sweeping our tiny lives away.



Toshi (The Macaronians, Trash A Go Go, The Beat Bandits, and more)

“Whale Song”. Good beat,good melody,good ass shaken tune, yummy!


Xiao Zhong (Pairs)

Ages ago, around two years ago there was this guy who wrote some shitty music column for some shitty magazine. XXXXShXXX probably, but don’t quote me on that. It’s that one that always has that American guy with black hair who speaks fluent Chinese and isn’t really comfortable on camera and is always dressed up in some old clothing style, arms wide open in a hutong somewhere, he’s on ICS sometimes on some bullshit travel program. Those travel programs are crap; my friend works on one and he said you can’t say anything bad and everything has to be real positive. Not sure what you’d say about Guilin other than it was a joy to be ripped off every minute of every day.
The idea of this column was that we submit some lyrics and then dissect every line and add a paragraph about what the song was about. I wasn’t sold on the idea and the classic line ‘Boys Climbing Ropes did it’ and he sent through a PDF of some song about rusted robots or rusting robots or robots that will soon begin rusting.

I wish I could find the lyrics. Google turned up nothing but Last.FM stats and Guided By Voices lyrics. But I remember some of the lines had photshopped red marker circles around them with little pop up video types of nuggets. Expendables also did it for Paris ’68. We didn’t end up doing it. I never saw it again, actually I don’t see that magazine around that much. Btu when I do it’s always has some featured article on Anhui. I think Ned Kelly does a podcast on their website; B.O was on it once.

It was amazing the amount of times we got told ‘Boys Climbing Ropes are doing it’ or ‘have done it’ when someone offered us a service or a young guns blazing save the world with rock charity show. It often got us to say yes; that and the ridiculous amounts of money they were offering.

I hope they play the robot song.


Laurent (Battle Cattle)

Why “Grow up, stop fucking around”? Because I don’t understand the title of this song


Sophia (Next Year’s Love)

“Two Dogs”:  I just love it


Bren G (Stegosaurus?)

“Polar Bears”

The first time I listened to this song, I put it on repeat and probably listened to it no less than 10 times in a row. Great lyrics and great feeling to the song. Music is art. Art is open to interpretation. Is it a literal song about global warming? Is global warming real? Or is it all metaphorical about crap we deal with in life that can drown us emotionally to the point of giving up? Do we let it drag us down or do we hold our breath for long enough to brave the changing weather? “This is not about whether we sink or whether we swim. This is more about how long we can hold our breath.” Anyways, powerful song to me. And it mentions dinosaurs. We like dinosaurs. I mean, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?


JC Heinbockel (Moon Tyrant)

I don’t know what it is about “Little Person” other than it’s always resonated with me. I feel like I’ve known it forever.

Moon Tyrant has a song that opens playing that same interval, the fifth, over and over in the same way. Rainbow Danger Club a song with the part part, too. We didn’t realize it immediately, until screwing around one day in practice when a few of us started singing Peipei’s lyrics instead.

It’s become a thing for us. When we went to Mongolia with BCR, we played that first section as our sound-check at the first concert, a show that BCR unquestionably stole. We couldn’t tell if Jordan and Devin got a kick out of it or were horrified, but we’ve kept playing it in practices and sound-checks. It’s just a killer song. One day, when I’m old and decrepit, it’s still going to be the song I think of when I remember Shanghai.


G (X is Y)

“Dirty Bots” is the first BCR song I heard when I was still in France, checking out the Shanghai scene. It’s straight forward, beautifully written, energetic. And the way Jordan’s and Pei’s vocal mix is full of sensitive emotions and strong will which is simply touching.

Nichols (Rainbow Danger Club, Death To Giants, Death To Ponies)

“Whale Song” because it’s fun, danceable, but underlyingly dark.


Rabshaka (Friend or Foe)

“Saskatchewan” We were on the road in Rizhao. It was the morning, and Mahanadan and I were running on about 2 hours of sleep. I believe we just ate breakfast at KFC… twisters. We were walking down the street discussing Boys Climbing Ropes, and we got into a fierce debate over how many degrees below zero it was in Saskatoon. Mahandan was pushing hard for 42 below, but I knew it never gets that warm. I stuck to 47 below. A 20 kuai bet was made. We walked back to our hotel calling out Saskatoon to the the confused Rizhaoists and since then I’ve always had a love affair with Regina. I mean Saskatchewan.


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  1. Joshyjosh

    I liked “Letters to Burma” it was on their Myspace back when Myspace was cool 30 years ago. I hope to hear that again. B-sides, where are you?

  2. Alex Cham ( Battle Cattle)

    I like to listen BCR on morning, in going to my work place “FengXian Beach”…but the song I prefer is “A pleasure to be here” specially when Jordan sings with a soul theses few words …then a proper bass line, the hi-hat and a Xiao Punk in light backing vocal …it creeps me… Good LUCK.


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