This Is Not The End, And The Apparition Of Boys Climbing Ropes


On Saturday December 15th five bands and almost everyone involved in the circuit of indie music in Shanghai will be at YuyinTang for This Is Not The End to say goodbye to Brad Ferguson, and Damen. 

Brad Ferguson, one of the energy sources that propelled the rock scene in Shanghai, is going back to the States with his wife Damen, and like anybody else that leaves Shanghai they will have their goodbye party that will also be the last concert of Duck Fight Goose with their original formation.

Ferguson has produced, promoted, and sound engineered the shows and albums of many local bands. For this concert he got together four of the several bands that he has produced albums for, and one that he thinks is a band with a lot of potential, guess which one is that.

The big news about this concert, besides the farewell to the Fergusons, is that Brad got Boys Climbing Ropes to join the party. The band that, yes, had a huge “last waltz” last June to finish their existence with a concert produced by Morgan Short and me. Already I’ve been in a couple of “back-stage/gossip chats” about their return, and what I have to say about this is that if the case is that BCR becomes a band with the same emotional stability than The Cure, I don’t care, I’m really happy that I’ll get to listen to them live again soon. I miss them. The band will not be totally the same, Jordan Small is not in China still, his part in guitar and vocals will be performed by Gee from X is Y.

This Is Not The End probably will be the last big concert of the year in Shanghai, the last one produced in Shanghai by Ferguson for some time at least, the last for Duck Fight Goose with Damen, for a while at least too, the momentary resuscitation of Boys Climbing Ropes, the showcase of some of the best indie rock bands from Shanghai right now, a Shanghai’s rock scene party, and maybe even the last big concert in Shanghai ever.







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