• St. Vincent's "Actor"


    She’s definitely been written about before, but since St. Vincent is coming to YuYinTang this Saturday I will try my hand at defining her.

  • DJ Vadim's "U Can't Lurn Imaginashun"

    Dj Vadim by Free the Wax

    1999 was a long time ago, but it doesn’t really feel that way, does it? Maybe this is because The Aughts Decade never really spawned a true zeitgeist identity, but it undermines the fact that a decade has passed, a long time to continue to show and prove in the hip hop game.

  • Boys Climbing Ropes' "Except for the Darkness"

    Boys Climbing Ropes "Except for the Darkness"

    Boys Climbing Ropes is an emblematic Shanghai band. They are a representative sample of the local bestiary, as is their sound. The characters behind the band have continued to grow in the wilderness of Shanghai’s indie music scene. You should not overlook this as a minor detail. It’s a great asset for these punk beasts.

  • Lions of Puxi The Album

    Lions of Puxi

    The Lions of Puxi are a popular and high profile reggae band on a mission: escape from the Shanghai jazz ghetto. They’ve played at Yugong Yishan and Dream Factory, been featured on ICS and adverts in taxis, performed at the JZ Music Festival, and now they have their first CD out.


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