• Li Daiguo's Handmade


    The external aspects of Li Daiguo’s performance inevitably grab you first: his stage presence and look are quite striking, and then there’s the sheer number of instruments he plays, but he’s also quite simply one of the most interesting cats I have met and listened to in Shanghai. With this album I’m thinking he might be more than just interesting, too…

  • Eliot Lipp. Peace Love Weed 3D.

    Eliot Lipp's Peace Love Weed 3D

    Peace Love Weed 3D is the sort of album that’s it’s a true pleasure to discover. It’s an album that is accessable to both the armchair enthusiast as well as the casual listener. While the album blurb would have you believe that it covers ‘instrumental electro-funk, acid, fusion, and italo disco inspired sounds’ it’s somewhat to it’s detriment to try and place it in already defined genres when it really deserves to stand on it’s own. It’s an album that is going to be most enjoyed by those that have a taste for the

  • Ibrahim Electric-The Compilation : The Review


    Disclaimer: this isn’t exactly a review since Ibrahim Electric – The Compilation has “Promotional Copy – Not For Sale” printed on the cover. Though you can’t take this article as advice on whether or not you should buy the CD, you can take it as advice on whether or not you should check the band out at the JZ Shanghai Music Festival.

  • ONRA's 1.0.8


    This Saturday Free the Wax will have one of their very well directed events, this time bringing ONRA to The Shelter. In preparation we’ve got a review of the beatmaker’s newest album 1.0.8. You can listen to the album while you read it.

  • Nosaj Thing's "Drift"

    Nosaj Thing "Drift"

    Progress, a natural part of the creative process, allows composer and listener to undergo ever-changing journeys. However, this progress is often a double-edged sword. As artists continue to evolve they run the risk of alienating their audience. If their album has been preceded by singles, people waiting for the debut album will be looking for more of the same, while people new to the group will be far more open to different sounds and styles.


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