• Marching Band's Spark Large : Happy Music


    Listening to Spark Large makes me think many things right off the bat. 1.) Sweden and Scandanavia’s rep for making great music lives up to the hype, rare enough in these days. 2.) Marching Band use incredibly lush accompaniments that always make me think of an unbelievably sunny, wonderful summer afternoon with a pretty girl in a yellow sundress. And, most importantly, 3.) they are really happy, and really, really good.

  • Recommended Dining: Veckatimest


    Sometimes “cool” music can seem a bit like vegetables: supposed to be good for you, but hard to choke down. Grizzly Bear’s last album, Yellow House, was my lima beans, but the newly released Veckatimest is my garbanzo beans, which I like infinitely more than lima beans. I am not sure why I like garbanzo beans so much more than lima beans, but I can tell you why I like the new Grizzly Bear album so much more than the last, here goes.

  • A Walk Through A Garden


    Miyadudu’s latest album is a stroll along the sunlit path strewn with kittens, fallen stars, and specters of lost love, an aural representation of these past eight years of LinDi’s life.

  • Cold Fairyland and the Three Musical Genres


    The album works well as a whole with each song blending seamlessly into the next. While listening to it, it’s actually difficult to tell when one song ends and the next begins. For me, that’s a sign of a great album. The cavorting satyrs that the music conjures in your head are another matter entirely.

  • This Co. rock from down earth

    the album cover

    The line-up of This Co. began to coalesce in Santiago in 2006 when guitar player and singer Jorge Christie began to write the start of what was to eventually become the band’s debut album The band has an English-influenced dark rock sound, somewhere between Joy Division and The Cure. Read more about “What you have to do to survive as a Chilean indie rock band”, as Carlos Vergara, bass player of the band, said when talking with Layabozi. Hear their early tunes, their new album, and more…

  • "Illicit Intercepts" The Rogue Transmission's seed.

    “Illicit Intercepts” is the first album of The Rogue Transmission produced by Albert Yu and Dan Shapiro on the side. The five songs of the EP are well built and charged to let you wanting to here more soon. The album bets successfully on simplicity and honesty, passion for rock. This is a great thing about this band, their music is a perfect reflect of these characteristics and it’s also the statement of “Illicit Intercepts”.

  • B6 Post Haze

    B6’s new album ‘Post Haze’ is certainly aptly named. It’s an excursion into a glitch happy musical spectrum filled with some fantastic audio programming that will certainly keep any fan of the genre happy. Now if you are reading this review, then I will take it for read that you are an electronic fan (if not, then I’ll save you the time and advise that you move onto the next review) and for sonic range B6 certainly gets top marks. He has a great ear for dynamics often showcasing beats that make great use of the stereo field with sound stabs that are often awash with effects that don’t come as presets.


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