• Layabozi Interview with Rinocerose


    Check out an interview with the French electro band rinôçérose. They are not coming to Shanghai in the foreseeable future, but they have a cool tour set-up so we can always hope! Chinese translation by Dario Lupoli.

  • YACHT – Intentionally Unexplained Mysteries


    You might remember YACHT ushering in Halloween with an S.T.D-produced show at Yuyintang. Well, here’s an interview that we did with them directly after the show. It’s actually more like a conversation and we would like to thank them for the experience and, of course, for the show they put on. Enjoy the mystery.

  • Catch the Lions of Puxi this Saturday at Dream Factory


    It’s Interview Week here at Layabozi! The first subject is Gauthier of the Lions of Puxi, who are releasing their new CD and celebrating with a show at the Zhijiang Dream Factory Saturday, December 5th. Keep checking Layabozi this week for interviews with Papier Tigre, YACHT, and more!

  • 体会怎么演奏得动听

    我喜爱。凡是能从目前作音乐的那些有利可图的垃圾中救出我来的事都算稀有和美好。来自北京的欲望之箭(Arrows Made of Desire)成为了在中国正在创立一种新颖的音乐的乐队之一。

  • Learning How To Play Nice

    Arrows Made of Desire is releasing their new album this next days, on May 29th. Layabozi got a preview of it, and a great interview with Joewi Verhoeven leader, singer and songwriter of AMoD. Read here about their music, the new album Songs that Sell Out, and listen in advance to two of their new songs.

  • Free your Mind and your Ass will Follow

    the robots are free

    We have been saying for some weeks now that the music scene in Shanghai is pretty hectic! Because we are only ducks and not octopuses, we occasionally have to ask for help, and Leo from Free the Wax has lent us some of his free time with this one. Free the Robots will play this Saturday at YuYinTang, and we wanted to tell you what kind of robots they are freeing, and about the music they will play for us; so we made an exception from our rules (sorry boss) and asked Leo to do the interview for us himself. And, yes, be careful, Free the Robots are freeing some wax on Saturday at YuYinTang. (!)


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