• Duel of the Decade: Female Bracket: Emma v. Mache


    Here we go! It’s time to find out some of the best music of the decade and, in the process, decide the ultimate blogger of all time. Well, almost. To sound off, let us know who you’re rolling with in the comments, along with any other suggestions, exhortations, and bad advice you might have to offer. What time is it? GAME TIME. Pick your poison.

  • Ding Ding! Duel of the Decade


    It’s time to settle the debates over the top music of the decade and supremacy on these fair Internets. We need your help! Your reward is learning about the best music of the decade and the satisfaction in knowing you have saved the world.

  • YACHT – Intentionally Unexplained Mysteries


    You might remember YACHT ushering in Halloween with an S.T.D-produced show at Yuyintang. Well, here’s an interview that we did with them directly after the show. It’s actually more like a conversation and we would like to thank them for the experience and, of course, for the show they put on. Enjoy the mystery.

  • Interview: Brad Ferguson on the Hard Queen EP Release

    Beijia Becca debuts with her first article, an interview with Brad Ferguson about Hard Queen’s hot release this week. Today Hard Queen will be releasing their first studio EP Holiday at YuYinTang. To warm up for tonight’s concert read the interview and listen to some of the tracks from the album, which you will get at YYT included with the entrance fee. See you there!

  • Komodo, the Iridescent Dragon, on the Way to Dragon Lands

    Komodo by Thomas Csano

    Among the many things Komodo has done on his career, he worked with Cirque du Soleil for the world premiere of “Kà”, and also with Peter Murphy on his album from 2002 Dust, which was a very interesting album of this icon of goth rock. Komodo will be playing at The Shelter this Friday on the mini dub festival. We interview him about his music and this, his first trip to China. …While you read, listen to some tracks from his first album Subluna.

  • This Co. rock from down earth

    the album cover

    The line-up of This Co. began to coalesce in Santiago in 2006 when guitar player and singer Jorge Christie began to write the start of what was to eventually become the band’s debut album The band has an English-influenced dark rock sound, somewhere between Joy Division and The Cure. Read more about “What you have to do to survive as a Chilean indie rock band”, as Carlos Vergara, bass player of the band, said when talking with Layabozi. Hear their early tunes, their new album, and more…


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