• Hedgehog 4/11 at YuYinTang


    The place was packed and it was only 9pm. With the new renovations Yuyingtang’s manager Durn (Haisheng) has been working on, a lot more folks can squeeze in to get their live fix, and over 400 turned up for the show Saturday night. After getting us all excited with Yoi and Pinkberry, nice and cozy with Wild Cat (the Asian rock team), and then revved up with Crazy Mushroom slinging us around from a whisper to a scream, Hedgehog made a big entrance.

  • Pinch and Dubstep, Rattling Sub-Culture at The Shelter


    Drums and low sounds have been used since the very beginnings of human kind as a call from the earth to liberate our feelings, let go, flow, enjoy, release, and penetrate. Music is a tribal experience, and dubstep is an experience of gravity at its most. Pinch is a pioneer of dubstep, and his exploration in music has contributed to building the foundations of the genre. His album Underwater Dancehall was groundbreaking. Our chances to go to an aboriginal ceremony are low, really. But luckily, we have live music and live music venues, where musicians play these sounds for us. Sub-Culture will host Pinch at The Shelter this weekend. Read more about him here and listen to some tunes whilst you’re at it…

  • Dorian Concept: When Music Moves Forward

    Dorian Concept

    Today Dorian Concept guided a master class to show the technique he uses to create his music. The meeting was interesting and he certainly created expectations for the gig organized by Free the Wax tonight at The Shelter. One thing that I admire about electronic musicians is the freedom they feel from the technique of instrumental music

  • Donald Jackson Trio featuring Richard Jackson at the WFC


    Last week I made the trip out to the Park Hyatt in the World Financial Center to drown the sorrow of the Daft Punk hoax, which is not to say that I bought a ticket but that I, like Bill Clinton, feel your pain. I went to check out a band that I had been hearing a lot about and my sorrows were well drowned.

  • Leighfield goes it alone for Xmas

    luke leighfield

    If there is one thing you can say about the British it’s that they love their sporting analogies. Listen to a conversation between two or more for a while and you’ll hear endless mentions of ‘fair play’, ‘playing with a straight bat’ or ‘knocking one out of the park’.
    The one that came to my mind after seeing Luke Leighfield at Yuyintang on Christmas Day was undoubtedly ‘it’s a game of two halves’.
    With his show split by a 20-minute break, those who stayed for the second half were […]


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