• Playlists: Yoan Gandin's Jukebox

    Yoan Gandin

    Yoan Gandin moved to China early on 2007, after a year he set Wangba Records loose on Beijing, successfully touring bands like Papier Tiger, and L’Ocelle Mare, among others. This is Yoan’s playlist with his favorite tunes, only with nine songs because he’s superstitious and not into the number “10”.

  • Leo Messias and "A Free The Wax Anthology"


    Leo Messias is the rhythm behind Free the Wax and together with Katrina Lui, his partner in crime, started this adventure more than a year ago. Here a playlist to go over the first chapter of Free the Wax.

  • Andy Best: A Journey in Rock

    Andy Best

    Coming from Liverpool, UK. He tells he grew up influenced by musicians, socialists, good books and arty types and spent most of his time playing guitar in bands and acting in the theatre. After getting a degree in Theatre, focusing on writing, he decided to blow it all off in favour of traveling. Ten years later he still hasn’t gone home. He can mainly be found in Shanghai at rock gigs (usually YuYinTang).

  • DJ Wash Playlist "Drasteek Bass"

    DJ Wash

    DJ Wash has the power of a drill; he can make the subterranean bass forces rise up from the very center of Gaia, resounding up, to your own center. Maybe a volcano erupting is the best analogy to the feeling one has when DJ Wash takes the control of the turntables. Kongkretebass with DJ Wash will be playing next Saturday 24th at The Shelter on Soundclash a triple battle with the terrific Sub-Culture, Phreaktion and Kongkretebass coming along with Blooddunza. To warm engines, check here DJ Wash own personal favorites on his very telluric playlist.


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