•, Shanghai's Rock Martial Art


    In which is reviewed. If you like Chinese rock music and don’t already know about this site, read on. Prepare to be informed. If you do know about it already, read anyway. Humor us, will you?

  • A Wiki for Chinese Rock


    We might feel the world is getting smaller when we run into people we know walking by on Nanjing Lu, but when it comes to music, the world is multiplying so fast it’s impossible to be into all the music we could actually reach. The Internet is the cause and the cure. If you search online for “music” you receive more results than porn, guns, money, drugs, art, or the pending 2012 harmonic convergence. There are millions of sites dedicated to music, and that’s counting only “music” in English. We could spend our whole lives researching, but we won’t. We’ll spend our time checking out the best sites dedicated to music around the net and the work they are doing.


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