Editor's Picks April 15th-16th

On 1986 God played in and won the World Cup in Mexico… (right?). This week the destiny of the missing golden ball of God was discovered (!).  The precious item was stolen together with other stuff stored at a bank in Naples in 1989, when God was playing for the local team. The sad news of this week is that the holly golden ball was melted into gold bars. Can you believe it? How outrageous! Not even God’s — golden — ball was safe from greed. If I were him I’d be totally frustrated, so these days I’ve been feeling for God and his melted ball. And I thought the best way to pass this bitter moment and give some relief to God, and to His followers, is with a blues dedicated to him, that, by the way, is by my big rock hero. (Check out the awesome funky look of God)

Solved this. Let’s go on with the picks.

Friday April 15th — Queen Sea Big Shark by S.T.D

Mao Livehouse (it is open and active! … get over the shitty talk)

Address: 308 Chongqing rd. near Jianguo rd. – on the third floor

Entrance: 100 rmb if you didn’t get the pre-sale tickets on SmartShanghai

Starts at 10 pm

This is the show of the weekend, so if you think of yourself as a smart cat, then you won’t miss it. If you need any references for this band check their douban page (and use any online translator if you can’t read Chinese. Get on it–it’s 2011 for God’s golden ball sake!)

Saturday April 16th — Pinch by SubCulture

The Shelter

Address:  5 Yongfu rd. near Fuxing Rd.

Starts at 10pm (but going around midnight is the thing to do)

Pinch comes back to Shanghai with more dark metallic deep bass sounds to rattle your bones with The Shelter’s sound system. Seriously.

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