Editor's Picks April 2-5


Dirty Party featuring In3

Is hip-hop in China the next step? I don’t know, but if it is then Beijing’s In3 will surely be a big part of it. They’re a pretty big deal for a hip-hop group in China, not counting Jay Chou’s fake hip-hop and that ilk. It’s not up my–admittedly narrow–hip-hop alley, but there is a certain charm in the anti-teacher song set to what sounds like a general midi-adaptation of the beat from Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up.” I certainly don’t mean to judge, especially since a large part of it is over my head, what with my poor understanding of Chinese. With DJ’s LIman, R3, Adept, and Lin Feng.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Xi Lu


60 RMB cover

Twocities in Tune: Old Melodies/New Grooves

Steve Sweeting is a great piano player here in town who I don’t hear much of because he mostly teaches and does these gigs at the Twocities gallery about once a month, rather than being at JZ and random corporate gigs. He continues exploring Chinese folk music, this time focusing on Yunnan and Xinjiang with vocalist Yue Yan and Jeremy Moyer on banjo, erhu, and percussion.

Twocities Gallery, 50 Moganshan Lu building 0 2nd floor


No cover


Step Into The Bass

It’s good to see that people are melding concept art-weirdness with electronic dance music, since it seems like an obvious connection, but the worlds of artsy classical-contemporary electronic music and dance music mostly stay pretty far apart. Not that this show is that, exactly. What it is is an interactive dance floor where “the movements of the dancers will trigger the sounds.” Li Daiguo is in town and will be participating, but whether there is a reactive computer program as well I don’t know. That part of the show is billed as “Brain Dance,” which I don’t need to tell you is totally awesome. After that come DJs Muja, Lon, Siesta, and Lei Hong spinning breakbeat, dub step, and drum ‘n bass. Also “Surrealist and Dada Live visual art by Pechou (*LLND) will bring sparkles to your eyes along with incredible light and laser show.” That *LLND is the organizer of the show, and Lei Hong is also affiliated with them. Who knows what it will be like, but that’s all part of the fun. Thinking big, I like it. Also it’s at Mao Livehouse for increased unusualness.

Mao Livehouse, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

9:00 start

50 RMB cover


The Routes, Fever Machine, Break For Borneo

The Routes, a Japanese garage punk band, will rock YYT, as will Fever Machine, who have formed from the ashes of The Rogue Transmission. Break for Borneo of course will trock YYT. A rockin’ end to the weekend.

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, enter from Kaixuan Lu, no wait, it looks like they have a kaixuan lu address now! It’s about time. The number is 851.

9:30 start

40 RMB cover

But wait, there’s more!


Blue Koi Trio feat. Li Daiguo

That’s right, a Monday gig! In addition to my gig with Jasmine Chen and Mark Bai that I already pimped here, you should check out these guys. After being losing their Sunday early set at JZ because Shanghai philistines hate free jazz and freedom in general, the torchbearers of out improvisation in Shanghai return. They are Gabriele Meirano on piano, Alec Haavik on saxophones, and Feng Hao on drums. Joining them is the aforementioned Li Daiguo, who is an awesome improviser on an awesome variety of instruments.

JZ Club, 46 Fuxing Lu near Yongfu Lu


No cover

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