Editor's Picks April 29th-May 4th

Ah, spring. It’s finally happening. Stuff’s in bloom all over and there is a lot going on – May Day, festival season, the evil Expo, Club Obama – shit is popping off. You will see the new Yuyintang and Shelter Defense Force at left. Let’s hope we don’t have to use it.

Thursday, April 29th

Teenage Kicks, later on

A splinter group off the larger Badtastic collective, Wongton, Oh Snaps, and Sacco come to Shelter to drink poor liquor, do the running man ’til they drop, and spin nostalgic hip hop. It’s admirable, really. What you have here are true role models. Underage drinking, we salute you. Watch out for a possible guest appearance by DJ Photon Fuckin’ Torpedoes 42 shots in.

The Shelter

5 Yongfu Lu,
near Fuxing Lu, Metro Line 1 Changshu Lu Station
近复兴路, 地铁1号线常熟路站

Friday, April 30th

The Revitalization of Shanghai Rock, 9 PM

Big show at Yuyintang that showcases some of the best rock that Shanghai has to offer…plus Little Nature. I kid. Anyways, Forget and Forgive and Double Control Where are the bands to watch here as they are the most revitalizing, in my opinion. This is going to be a big one. Come and celebrate the fact that Yuyintang is still open. For now.

Band Douban Pages:


Candy Shop

Double Control Where

Little Nature

Forget and Forgive


1731 Yan’an Xi Lu
Entrance at Kaixuan Lu
入口在凯旋路, 40 RMB

Saturday, May 1st

Jack Beats, 10 PM

Could this be the last show at the Shelter for awhile? Sadly, it is true. We will welcome them back hopefully in a week or two. This should be a good way to go out. These two UK DJs will bring the noise, I’m quite sure of it. If not, there’s like eleventy other DJs hungrily waiting to devour their carcasses and spin more blood-thirsty beats. This is the place to be, unless you already made plans for Club Obama. I heard they have free health care. Thank you! I’m here all week.

Check out Jack Beats on the Web

The Shelter

See info above, 80 RMB

Sunday, May 2nd

Xiu Xiu, 9 PM

Xiu Xiu comes to spit blood all over you, vomit on your shoes, and steal your hair. The first person to bring them a lock of their hair receives a special Xiu Xiu CARE package. Later, you can watch a video of them saying your name and inhaling the smoke of your burning hair. Not joking. This band has also sold T-shirts with “Xiu Xiu For Life” written in real blood. This is devotional music. Or maybe it’s just kinda gross. You be the judge! They are supported by Boojii, which is like Duck Fight Goose wearing one of those fake mustache and glasses masks. Or is it the other way around?

Xiu Xiu on Myspace

Boojii on Douban


See info above, 100 RMB at the door

Monday, May 3rd, 9 PM

The Inspector Cluzo,

I can’t really tell you much about this band. Sorry. I know they’re French. Despite this fact, I am going to recommend the show anyway. Just kidding, France; you’re awesome. You know what The Inspector Cluzo and I both really hate, though? Bass players. They even have a song inventively called “Fuck the Bass Player”. We can say this because Mike’s out of town. There’s no chance he’ll read this. Do they even have computers in Suzhou? Not sure.

Yuyintang 40 RMB

Tuesday, May 4th, 9 PM

Cold Fairyland

I honestly think this is one of the coolest bands in Shanghai and I wish they played more. This is a tune-up gig for some Expo gig and then a festival in Xi’an. Everyone else gets music festivals this weekend, we get the Expo. Rats. Anyways, let’s just take a look back at the gigs I have carefully chosen for you to enjoy: four at Yuyintang, two at Shelter. They are the premier music venues in town, but both are under attack. I would get there to support this week if I were you, unless you’ve skipped town to go check out the Strawberry Fest, like Benedict Newby.

Cold Fairyland on the Web

Yuyintang, 30 RMB

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