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Coming right back at you with some Editor’s Picks that are sure to burn a hole in your retinas. Ow!

Thursday, April 8th

Break for Borneo, 7 PM

Sorry, but the Conflict of Interest Pick has returned! You know, the one where I smash to bits any remaining shards of journalistic integrity in order to shamelessly promote my very own #1 tropical rock band? Yeah, that one. However, this time I am pimping myself for a good cause: The Children. Because I believe The Children are our Future. Did you like that? I just made it up off the top of my head. No, seriously, this is going to be a good event. You know those guys you see out the window of the cab, straining under enormous loads of cement blocks or the like, building up Shanghai into the vast metropolis that it is? They’re probably not from around these parts and their kids probably don’t have access to top-notch education, or even many books. So come down to Kaiba, pay up 40 kuai (or bring 3 Chinese children’s books), enjoy the best beer selection in town, the best tropical rock in the known universe, and (hopefully) some pleasant spring air.

Link to the event write-up


739 Dingxi Lu,
Zhongshan Park
Part of InShanghai Hub – Creative Park ( south of Yan An Lu )
近延安西路, 40 kuai to get in, or bring 3 Chinese children’s books (and receive one free beer)

Zhang Quan, 9 PM

I just read the book Red Dust by Ma Jian, about one man’s odyssey through China, which I was reminded of as I read the press release for this show. This guy is from Gansu province, Northwest China desert territory, but he has been on an odyssey himself for many years and now he comes blowing into Shanghai like a dry wind. I listened to his music and it’s very nice. Not that it’s anything like Mongolian music, but, for this show, think Hanggai minus the binge-drinking.

Zhang Quan on Myspace


1731 Yan’an Xi Lu,
Entrance at Kaixuan Lu
入口在凯旋路, 30 RMB

Friday, April 9th

Friday night is the official “You Want Me to Go Way the Hell Out There? Alright, But It Better Be Good” Night. Or YWMTGWTHOT?A,BIBBG Night, for short. Actually, I guess that’s not very short at all. Curses.

Press 1 For English, 9 PM

Stegosaurus?, Jehosaphat Blow and the Blah Blah Blahs, and someone called Fingers Dancing will be rocking the college kids out at Live Bar. Stegosaurus? will be playing a final tune-up before their ridiculously massive CD Release Pizza Party next week. In other news, the Layabozi Gossip Reporter has learned that Josh from the band just got marriaged. Gongxi, dude. Next time I see you we can commiserate celebrate.

Stegosaurus? on Douban

Jehosaphat Blow and the Blah Blah Blahs on Douban

Live Bar

721 Kunming Lu,
near Tongbei Lu, Metro Line 4 Dalian Lu Station
近通北路, 地铁4号线大连路站, 30 RMB

Theo Croker and the Afro-Sonic Orchestra, 9 PM

Just putting this one up here so Andy Best can continue to rib me for liking “World Music.” We can’t all be Extremo Kids. Anyways, this one is going to be super high class, which means I probably can’t get in. So tell me how it was, would you? I’ll be hanging out by the Kedi next to LOgO if you need me.

Glamour Bar

6/F, Five on the Bund

20 Guangdong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, No cover

Omatsuli ft. Latyr Sy, 8 PM

And just to add to the world music madness, here’s a show closer to the city’s center, featuring a Senegalese percussionist, local bangers Jammala, and DJs V-Nutz, Shige, and Cavia. I have never seen a show at Mural, but it’s 100 RMB for all the grain alcohol you can guzzle so it can’t be all bad. I can’t tell from the flyer exactly how much it will be if you decide to forgo all the hooch, but I’m sure you can work something out at the door.


697 Yongjia Lu,
French Concession
near Hengshan Lu, Metro Line 1 Hengshan Lu Station

Saturday, April 10th

Good Jive #2, 9 PM

Catchy title there. Couldn’t we do something like “The Good Jive Strikes Back” or “Good Jive 2 and 7/8ths”? Just checking. Never mind. Awesome local lineup here, including The Beat Bandits, Rainbow Danger Club, The Fever Machine, and Duck Fight Goose. Maybe I will actually get to catch a DFG set this time. OMG, that would be a BFD for me.

Duck Fight Goose on Douban

The Fever Machine on Myspace


1731 Yan’an Xi Lu,
Entrance at Kaixuan Lu
入口在凯旋路, 40 RMB

Sunday, April 11th

RESO 13, 9 PM

Visa Tapani, it’s everywhere you want to be. Don’t know much about Visa (besides the fact that the artist is named after a credit card and he likes bells) but that’s kind of the point of these RESO nights, right? Get out there, see some experimental music, feel like you’ve taken a few hits of acid, go to bed, get up, and go to work again. Suddenly, everything has changed.

Listen to Visa Tapani


1731 Yan’an Xi Lu,
Entrance at Kaixuan Lu
入口在凯旋路, 30 RMB

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