Editor's Picks Aug. 12-15

The MISA (Music in the Summer Air) festival is not exactly a full fledged festival. It’s more like a tent in the parking lot next to the Shanghai Conservatory that will host a classical concert every day for the next week and a bit. Nothing wrong with that.


MISA Opening Gala

The Opening show consists of a Strauss Overture, a bunch of Chinese and Western opera songs, a Chopin Polonaise, and Respighi’s “Pines of Rome” to finish it off. The singers are Liao Changyong, Xu Xiaoying, and Wei Song. Xu Zhong will play the piano, and Yu Long will conduct the Shanghai Symphony.

MISA Pavilion, Fenyang Lu and Huaihai Lu, I think you have to enter from Fenyang Lu, but it should be obvious from the corner.

7:30 start

Tickets 60, 120, 240, and, for the VIPs, 1580. But then, VIPs never have to pay for tickets, so who will buy those?


The Shanghai Quartet

Our fair city’s semi-official string quartet makes an appearance, playing Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto with Zhai Yaoguang, and Dvorak’s “American” Quartet. Hopefully it will be audible over the Huaihai Lu traffic. In fact, that will be an interesting detail to watch for the whole thing. But anyway, I’ve heard good things about this group, so be sure to check it out.

MISA Pavilion, Huaihai and Fenyang

7:30 start

Tickets 30, 50, 90, and 680

The Lab Reopening Party

The electronic music playground known as The Lab has moved to the upstairs of Gary’s new shop, Kin. So it should be much easier to find now, and the Lab Crew will be getting down at the shelter in celebration.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu

10:00 start

30 RMB cover


The China Trio

The cleverly-named China trio plays a Beethoven and a Mendelssohn. It’s a violin, cello, and piano trio, for those who are wondering.

MISA Pavilion, Huaihai and Fenyang

7:30 start

Tickets 30, 50, 90, or 680 RMB

Moon Tyrant, Weghur, Q.A., OCD, and Pink Elephant

Five bands: Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Australia, and Shanghai x 2. The return of Weghur, lunar domination, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, and small pieces of land. Total ass-rulage.

YuYinTang, 851 Kaixuan Lu near Yan’an Xi Lu

9:00 start

40 RMB cover. Cheap!


Shanghai Symphony and Shanghai Philharmonic

Ooh! An all Mahler program! And it looks like it’s going to be a pretty long one. First is Das Lied Von der Erde, with soloists Ding Yi and Yang Jie, pianist Li Zhenni, and conductor Xia Xiao Tang. Yes! That’s one of my favorite records. “Dunkel ist der Leben, ist der Tod!” Rock! Also, the text is based off a bunch of Tang poems. Then the Shanghai Philharmonic plays Mahler’s fourth, with Yu Long conducting and Liu Shen doing the child’s voice. I don’t have a personal relationship with that one.

MISA Pavilion, Huaihai and Fenyang

7:30 start

Tickets 60, 120, 240, and 1580 RMB (seriously, why not just go for 1600? Is there a large ticket buying public that sees 1600 RMB as the cut-off?)

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