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xiaoheXiao He

Glorious Pharmacy’s singer/guitarist spins off on his own and is about to release his own album. Unlike others who make music to be thugs or poets, or to sell their bodies, Xiaohe makes music for our collective happiness. How nice of him. Also the flyer is the balls.

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, enter from Kaixuan Lu

9:00 start

60 RMB cover, 50 for students

Anar Hand Drums

I have no idea, unfortunately, what’s going on in the back room today, probably something cool. In the front room, though, they’ve started to have a little hand drum session featuring Yan from Mauritius, who also sings and plays bass very well as I discovered on Wednesday. With him that day were Doc, Vladimir, Alex Ritz, Theo, this killin’ singer who’s name I forget, and Zooma. Anyway, it was solid stuff, a definite cut above white-hippy-dude drum circle shit, with general guidance in the direction of 6/8 afro-grooves from Yan and some other stuff too. Definitely something to check out. I think they’re there every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Anar, 137 Xingfu Lu, at the end of the nameless street that runs along the park from Huashan to Xingfu

10:00 start

No cover


Crazy Mushroom Brigade + Angry Jerks

One of Shanghai’s funnest punk bands is joined by Nanjing psychobilly act Angry Jerks, as well as Double Control Where and Zhong Jiejing. Should be raucous and awesome as the Mushrooms have been organizing their own shows which have received rave reviews from retired scenester Andy Best, and are just really fun on stage.

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, enter from Kaixuan

9:00 start

40 RMB cover

Void 2nd Birthday Party

Shanghai’s premier techno crew celebrate their second year in existence by getting down at everyone’s favorite legit electronic music spot, The Shelter, with B6, Shanghai_Ultra, and MHP.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu

10:00 start

30 RMB cover



The set-up is that this German punk/electronic musician has been touring around China on his bike, making shows and videotaping his travels. He likes to make punk rock and electronic shows but his favorite activity is listening to electronic music on his bike. They will show some of the video at the show. It certainly sounds like an interesting premise, and I like jungle, dub, and grime. He’ll also be at Anar on Wednesday.

Live Bar, 721 Kunming Lu near Tongbei Lu and the Dalian Lu stop on the 4 line


30 RMB

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