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Talking about stars, invasions, and cinnamon ice cream. Next Tuesday December 21st, it’s the day of the solstice of winter, which is also the beginning of the 12th year of the 13 years transition to the end of 2012 predicted by the Mayas as the moment of the end of time, and the beginning of the millennium of peace  (I bet you didn’t know that part).  This day there’s also a total lunar eclipse happening few hours before the solstice, stars and planets will be doing a choreography that has big part of the new age communities –  including those preparing for 2012 party- in a “get ready” stage for this day. Basically, it’s just one more spin of Gaia around its axis, but with a little extra seasoning spicing the roll. For those into metaphysics, mystical experiences, and Led Zeppelin then get into the “get ready” mood and prepare yourself for some enlightening experience. There’s a lot to read about this around if you want more details. Back to rock stars now, here what to listen this weekend.

Thursday Dec. 16th

JZ – Alec Haavik and The GLOBAL Friction go Lonely Planet

Alec Haavik and the Friction go global in grand style. Discovery Channel’s Lonely Planet is producing “Six Degrees Shanghai” and they chose,smartly, Alec and the Friction to feature as one of the best sounds to listen to in Shanghai. For the special filming ocassion the band is featuring some of their special friends who have joined them already many times in the past, on Guzheng 喻玥 (Nora Zheng), Lin Di on pipa, and erhu player Ma Xiao Hui (as heard in the soundtrack to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), all of them will be playing and fusing the Friction’s jazz-rock with traditional Chinese music, an adventure guided by Haavik’s wide musical vision that could turn into new dimensions for his Universe of sounds. Expect to have drink with the muses at JZ tonight. (And get in front to appear on the TV show.)

Starts at 10pm
Entrance is free
Address: 46 Fuxing rd. near Yongfu rd.

Friday Dec. 17th

Lune – Shotgun Wedding

The Beat Bandits, The Dudettes, Friends or Foe, and Pairs will be burning down Lune’s stage. Hopefully, they and the waves of energy bringing enlightening to human kind will help Taipei to get what he needs to get a proper sound system for Lune. Lune is cool, nice rooftop, and the LogO crew, and nice food even, a bit more expensive, but ok, we can take it, but we can’t take a worst sound than the one from Logo. I can’t. And without YuyinTang the next months, if Lune doesn’t get it together, all they did for music with Logo, probably will be destroyed with Lune. (I just thought of Shiva, the goddess of destruction, and sadly, abused goddess on Yongfu rd.). Anyway, I’m still hopeful, and I like the Bandits, and the Dudettes are awesome in a bizarre pop way.

Starts at 10 pm
Entrance free
Address: 218 Xinle rd.

MAO Livehouse – S.T.D. Official Ed Banger DJ Party feat. Mr. Flash and Vicarious Bliss

S.T.D. Is ending 2010 with this party, honestly I don’t know these Djs but I trust on S.T.D.’s music taste, and I made it late to Coco & Curry last time. So I’ll go for this one, plus I believe R3 not only will be Djing but he will be celebrating his birthday, and I like birthdays. If you need more reasons to go, then check Mr. Flash and Vicarious Bliss

Starts at 10 pm (but probably it wouldn’t be bad idea to go near midnight)
Entrance 100 rmb
Address: 570 Huaihai Rd

Saturday Dec. 18th

YuyinTang – Duck Fight Goose EP Release

Duck Fight Goose is one of the best bands of rock in Shanghai right now. So no need to explain why this is THE gig of the weekend. Pairs, other band that has made a lot of noise and music this year, will be defrosting the stage before.

Starts at 9pm
Entrance 40 rmb (includes the EP and a sticker!)
Address: 851 Kaixuan rd.

Sunday Dec. 19

Hot chocolate and dvd’s at home with friends. Happy holidays!!!

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