Editor's Picks – Dec 3-4

The big discovery of this week at Nasa is a new kind of life, a bacteria they named GFAJ-1 that uses arsenic to build itself. The discovery miraculously cracked scientists skulls, opening a gate for fresh ideas to their brains. The idea that actually there could be life-forms existing under different conditions than ours seems to have just surprised them due to the existence of GFAJ-1. Amazing.

Since we started to look for life in outer space the reports mentioned that the methodology and the technology used to do this have been based on searching for life as we know it, based on carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus. It seems that nobody was thinking that there was a chance for life to exist based on other elements. Didn’t you feel any frustration when you heard that news? (… or you are not into the search for new life? ) What about life in other dimensions? With elements that we don’t even know exist yet? How is it possible that those people who have in their heads and hands the evolution of our knowledge didn’t think of this before? I always thought that was something like chemical racism: Ahaaa! You are not made of C and H, you are not a living form!!! Get outta here you… thing!

Anyhow, hey GFAJ-1, welcome to our comprehension of the Universe. Please be patient with us, we are not very fast, but eventually we learn. Have a shot of baijiu (high on arsenic) and cheers!

Back to carbon-based life. If you missed last night at The Shelter with Das Rascist, then like me, you should regret it. To avoid any more regrets then, this is what you should do this weekend.


Lune – S.T.D. Brings Curry & Coco from France.

Curry & Coco are making electronic-pop-disco with some dark lyrics and attitudes. Their album “We are beauty”, released this year, is fun, interesting, and catchy. They are getting more and more coverage around the music media, and their reputation for live performances is very good. I’m curious about them, and I want to support Lune too.

Starts at 10pm
Entrance: 50 rmb

The Shelter – The Shelter Third Anniversary

The Shelter is one of our spots for listening to nice music. Three years of techno, electronic, hip hop, reggae, drum ‘n bass, dubstep, and all the stories those dark walls are recording. Congratulations to The Shelter crew! And let’s go to enjoy some proper celebration that will be directed by Japanese Mitsu the Beats with jazzy hip hop.

Starts at 10pm
Entrance: 60 rmb (after 3am is free)


YuyinTang – SplitWorks: The Field

I’ve been getting ready for this one. First time I listened to The Field I pressed play, moved away to get a glass of something, and on the second step away I came back to the speakers (moonwalking, yes), forgot I was thirsty, sat down, and floated on the sounds. That was sometime in 2007 when Axel Willner released his first album as The Field, From Here We Go Sublime.  And yes sublime is a good word to use to talk about the sound of The Field. If you need any more information to know that you have to be there tomorrow, then read the review of The Field’s album of 2009 tomorrow on this same channel. Opening will be our own sublime electronic LON.

Starts at 9.30pm (go early, most probably it will be packed)
Entrance 100 rmb

JZ – Late Jam Session

After all that electronic music this weekend I recommend a last drink at JZ. Some of the classics there are: long island tea, bloody Mary, death by chocolate (if you are into excessive sweet pleasure), or a beer that’s always nice. On Saturdays JZ features nice bands, but I’ll be at YuYinTang while they are playing and this is my editor’s picks. At 2 AM the Jam Session starts. This Jam is not like those messy rock jams, but a jazz jam, so music makes sense there. The risk is that you might have to hear Summertime one more time, but that would be the moment to chat with the cats by the bar or go for a hang to the rooftop. The Jam is joined by musicians that go to JZ after their own gigs at other bars and hotels all over Shanghai. These guys know very well that the place to hang on a late Saturday night with style is JZ and they know how to groove at dawn. If you are into music, then you will appreciate the beatnik smoky alcohol scented jazz talks at daybreak.

Starts at 2Am (you can go earlier of course, the first set of the night starts at 9.30PM)

Entrance: free after 1AM

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