Editor's Picks Dec. 9-12


Fever Machine, Boys Climbing Ropes, Moon Tyrant, and X is Y

A good old fashioned foreigner-oriented YYT lineup, with many of the favorites. Thrill to the rock, grind to the angst, jump up and down! This is especially important because Dan Shapiro reports that YYT will be closed in January for renovation.

YuYinTang, 851 Kaixuan Lu near Yan’an Xi Lu

9:30 start

40 RMB

Roby Lakatos

It’s a Friday night mustache showdown! Actually, I’m not sure, but I think last time I saw him Dan had shaved. Also, this starts early, so it doesn’t have to be a showdown. Anyway, Mr. Lakatos is not just an awesome mustache haver, he also shreds some violin. He comes from a gypsy/classical background and has played with various badasses, such as Randy Brecker, Stephane Grappelli, and Martha Argerich. He improvises, he writes, and apparently is known as “The Devil’s Fiddler.”

Shanghai Concert Hall, 523 Yan’an Dong Lu, near Xizang Lu

7:30 start

Tickets from 50-580 RMB, available at the 272 Fengxian Lu office, the Hall, and Huangnius


Beat Buffet

Friend or Foe, The Horses, Devil Einsteins, DJ Cavia, and DJ Heatwolves bring you punk, live electronic, future rap, party jams, and disco, respectively. AND MORE!!! Are they discounting beer to try to get back that Logo magic? I don’t know, but it says 20 kuai beers on the flyer.

Lune, 218 Xinle Lu, 4F, corner with fumin, donghu, etc.

10:00 I guess?

40 RMB cover


Youth Power

A smattering of less known, not to say unkown, 0093 rockers take the stage at YYT for an early show. They are Monkey Shine, Bremen, Da Fresh, In Rock, and Naohai.

YuYinTang, 851 Kaixuan Lu near Yan’an Lu

8:30 start

40 Rmb cover, 30 for 0093 members

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  1. Z***

    Hey, thanks for the shout out. FYI for everyone: Friend or Foe has new demo traxxx on the Douban:
    Available for download! Merry effing Christmas!
    Also, here is the Beat Buffet event page, which you can also access from our page:
    Rock, Hip Hop, and Dance mania; see you there! Remember, Saturday is the slow night.


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