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Before you start to open a bottle of armagnac, or baijiu, to celebrate the Editor’s Picks are back, let me stop you, and ask you to save the bottle for Saturday’s late night please. The Picks are not yet recovering from the cruel abandonment of Mike B and Zack, who were the kings of these lands.  Let’s see first what happens after this one. I’m personally in more like-a-Zen mode lately, one step at the time, and all that jazz.

Then. Why am I here? (I wonder daily!) but in this moment, right now, I’m here to tell you that last Wednesday I was in a little miracle of space, time, and music. It was the birthday of LLND, and he performed there with Vladimir (guitar and several machines), and Quentin (sax and other robots), and we had such an amazing time, that it seemed that was the place that we are needing for afterhours in Shanghai. Now, it’s not like I found the formula for teleportation, I know,  this spot has been there opening late for long time. But it was the whole hang, the music, the vibe, the place, which is not actually the usual, but the basement of the usual.

So, why am I talking in code here? Because I talked with the guys, right on the spot and told them we should have there the after hours that we (yeah… actually,  I) have been needing already for long time in Shanghai (Dragon and old Logo, I miss you!) …I first talked with some friends that were there at the hang, and they all agreed that it was a really awesome idea. Then, I talked with the guys of the bands, and they were like ” yeah, that would be great! We’ve been playing here the last weeks on Wednesdays and its a cool spot for an after hour gig indeed, but we can’t decide, we have to talk with the manager…”. So then,  I talked with the manager. The owner actually.  And he explained me the situation, the place can not have heavy metal parties after 2am, because … guess … yes, the neighbors (…should maybe someone dedicate a song to the neighbors that make our lives less happy?).  Well. But if things are kept between the limits of the decency — just volume wise, don’t worry — then he is more than interested on having us partying there on the early mornings of Sundays. The thing is that we can’t promote it. Because… The Neighbors. So actually, I can’t tell you where it is.  … Aha. But, I’m sure that some of you have already figured it out, the photo is pretty clear, to me at least (self centered, I know, still I haven’t figure out how to be in someone else’s senses).

So, what’s the deal? The hang is like a better looking old-Logo, not as cheap, better drinks too, similar hippies, but somehow smarter, and sexier, and music will be leaded by these three cats I already told you, and these three cats, plus their faithful VJ, know pretty much everybody who is there to know, to invite them to jam with them. The music, will be exactly the music one needs when is 5AM on Saturday night, trippy, fun, creative, crazy, and not enlisting particularly in any style, like any other respectful bohemian tramp.

That’s it. This thing should start to happen this Saturday. And if all goes well, then it will go on weekly, while the neighbors don’t loose their sleep. (Maybe we should send them all a good basket well loaded with sleeping pills and herbs for well sleeping. Or if you have any other idea on how to handle this, and you know the place I’m talking about, then once you are there, tell the guys of the band or find me, or just ask for the manager and pass him the secret please). However, this is going to happen, for now anyway, who knows, the world could explode on Sunday, and then we don’t need to worry anymore about how to solve the situation. Most importantly now, if you are also missing to have a proper after hour with cool music, and cool people, then you should really figure out what I’m talking about, and be there this Saturday after all what’s good in our world is closed.

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