Editor's Picks Feb. 13-15 2009


Bananas Dafter Party

The mash-up mavens host easily the best capitalization on the whole Daft Punk thing. A ticket to the fake DP show gets you in free before 11. They’re going head-to-head with a Belgian duo called the Glimmers, who sound interesting, but Bananas get the nod for creative marketing and hometown discount. But by all means, go to both bands for the most mashed-up night ever. It will be clever references ALL NIGHT LONG!

Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu


Free before 11 with evidence of having been scammed, 30 RMB w/o or after 11

The Glimmers

Bonbon, 1329 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Hengshan Lu


150 RMB for guys, 100 RMB for ladies and guys after 2. Open bar


It’s hard to choose between the two local organizing powerhouses Antidote and S.T.D., but we’re going to go with Antidote and Shelter’s superior sound system. They’ve got a long lineup, with Length and DeMmY bringing ambient live sets from Changsha, and DJs Kamikaze from Germany, and headliner Suivez from Switzerland. Support from Antidote’s own B6, Yen?, and Ozone. Expect a broad range of styles.

Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu


30 RMB

S.T.D. has R3, Adept, Lon, and Tootekool, and also will be keeping things varied. Extra points are also awarded to them for being anti-Valentine’s Day, though we’re almost to the point where pro-Valentine’s Day is the new anti-Valentine’s Day.

LOgO, 13 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu


No cover


Sam Hooper Band

I almost wanted to pick Symphony X, but I just can’t do that. Shanghai institution House of Blues & Jazz is bidding farewell to House of Blues & Jazz institution Sam Hooper Band, as they finish out their most recent residence. Owner Lin Dongfu brings them back almost every year, and it’s because they wail. The last night will also see the arrival of the so-far-mysterious next band, and hopefully Dongfu’s drunken rendition of “Summertime.”

House of Blues & Jazz, 60 Fuzhou Lu near the Bund


No cover



Here’s what I wrote about this gig last week. It’s all still true, except now the date is right:

One of our complaints about JZ has been that the Mauritians and Brazilians who contribute so much to that scene have gotten so few opportunities to do their own thing. That changes for one day at least as drummer Leonardo Susi, percussionist Marco Bosco, pianist Joao Mascarenhas and bassist Tinho Pereira show you what that Brazilian thing is all about.

JZ Club 46 Fuxing Lu near Yongfu Lu


No cover

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