Editor's Picks Feb. 3-6

Happy New Year! It’s been a long time, and I’ve missed you, but here I am, back again. Mache’s out of town for a little while, though she’ll probably stay connected. Since it’s New Year, and YYT and Mao are closed, and since Mache’s out of town, it’s going to be mostly jazz this weekend. Jazz is hardcore. We don’t take breaks, except when we do…


Steinar Nickelsen Band

For example, I just took a break, but don’t let the fact that I’m in the band tonight stop you from going. Steinar, Chris Trzcinski, and Lin Di are all awesome, as you probably know. It’s all Steinar’s original music tonight, and it’s awesome, ranging from poppy songs to stuttering grooves, to exciting swingers. The Illusion Trio opens.

JZ Club, 46 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu

9:00-10:00: Illusion Trio, 10:30-1:00: Steinar

No cover


Theo Croker Sextet

Theo’s band remains the burninest swinginest one in town, but I bet you haven’t been to see them lately. Fix that! Peace Hotel Old Jazz Band opens.

The Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Dong Lu, near the Bund

6:30-9:30: Old dudes, 10:00-1:00: Theo

No cover


J3, Red Groove Project, Afro-sonic, and JZ Old School Jam

The best regular music night in Shanghai, if you asked me. Space-fusion from J3, who toured Mauritius not long ago, funk-fusion from RGP, afrobeat from afro-sonic, and the best jam session in the world once everyone’s a little starry-eyed and wobbly.

JZ Club, 46 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu

9:30-10:30 J3, 11:00-12:00 RGP, 12:30-1:30 Afro-sonic, 2:00->infinity: jam session

30 RMB cover (I think) if you come before like 1:00 or something


Charlie Sayles and Moonshine Society

I don’t know anything about this guy, except what’s on his myspace, namely some funky blues. I love all the regular bands at Blues and Jazz, but it’s nice to have someone new in there. It’s the jam session, so that means half off the crushingly expensive drinks if you play.

House of Blues and Jazz, 60 Fuzhou Lu, near the Bund


No cover

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